Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It Ain't Braggin', If It's True....

That's a saying we have in Texas.  Texans tend to be a proud bunch.'s true.  But, I don't think we're doing much braggin.  More like moaning.

We tied the record for 100 degree days, set way back in 1925.  Today, we'll probably set a new record.  Then tomorrow, break that one.  And, on and on and get the picture.

Just in case you wondered what our month has been like.  Last month wasn't much better.

And, it's not looking too good for the rest of the week.

This has to break sometime.  This kind of heat, and no rain, is taking a huge toll on this region.  Dead grass, struggling trees and wildlife, and people's homes going up in flames. 

Davy Crockett once told someone 'You can go to Hell...I'm goin to Texas'.
This summer, it's been hard to tell the difference.

Stay cool....pray for rain.



  1. It is so frustrating!! I just looked at September, '10 photos of my garden and comparing it to now. Can we just get this weather over with and start over?

  2. FABULOUS post, Linda.

    Today's newspaper talked about the approach of Stage 3 water restrictions here. Breaks my heart. I'm putting more soaker hoses in today...

    Wish our coast would get a good wet tropical storm to push up this way.

  3. I like your label: whining. lol. thanks for commenting on 100 day war. I used to live in San Antonio and call on golf course for my job. What golf course are you near? Man, you people are going through hell. I visited there recently, nasty brown. A flood follows a drought you know.

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  5. It is devastating. I've stopped watching the weather because it is depressing. If it does ever rain again I'll be pleasantly surprised.

  6. Thanks everybody, for dropping by.

    Yes, it's depressing. Looking back on last year, it was SO much better then.

    I'm old enough to have lived through several Texas droughts. Just not in Central Texas. We'll make it. Might have to re-think our gardens.

    Yes, Kathleen...lots of soaker hoses. The soil still dries out faster than normal.

    Greggo...we're in the Wimberley area. Quick Sand golf course. Used to be Woodcreek. Not sure how long they can hold out, and not be a desert course.

    Stay cool...pray for rain...


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