Sunday, August 25, 2013

Good Morning....

It's a beautiful morning.

Sunlight streaming into the Fenced Yard, makes things sparkle.

They've forecast some rain....maybe today or tomorrow.

But, not yet.

The Hyacinth Bean is doing it's thing.

And, the Esperanza is finally blooming.

There are pretty blooms on this Gaura.  I'm not pleased with the plant itself.
It'll probably get moved to more sun, this fall.

And, speaking of fall...

We're getting ready for the bucks, when they begin to rub the velvet
off their antlers.

They seem to love the yuccas and agaves, for doing that.
It just shreds them....and, ruins them.

I don't like having plants living in cages.
But, what I like even less, is having to replace those plants.

I hope you're having a great morning, too.

Happy Gardening...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Once in a Blue Moon....

The old saying means something uncommon...something rare.

The second full moon, in one's rare.

According to NOAA,
The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration,
it only happens once every three years.

It took me until morning to see it.

Next time up, 2015.

Happy Gardening...

Thursday, August 8, 2013

This and That for Thursday...

Remember the old John Fogerty song....
'110 in the Shade'?'s not quite that here.
But, close enough.

That old sun is beating down.

Barely any breezes blowing.

But,'s August and it's Texas.
It's expected.

It does seem, the older I get, the harder it is to handle the heat.

With  Mr P's help, we got part of the New Project done.
The mulch is down on this part.  Native grasses are planned for here.

We put wire around part of the old Rock Bed.
I need to clean it out and will plant some of those 
'deer resistant' (ahem) plants, that our deer like to eat.
Ones that require more sun than the Fenced Yard supplies.

This part will be planted with salvias.  Very low water plants.
Can you tell I've neglected this bed?
The part between the large rock and the bucket is new bed.
It'll need some amending.

But, when it's already 80F when you get up in the morning,
projects move pretty slooooowly.

You do a lot more sitting in the shade, than digging in the dirt.

While I was sitting, I noticed this Hyacinth Bean had taken hold in a Live Oak.

Now the Oak is blooming purple.

While you're here, I'll show you one of my new toys.

I put a Coke can on it, to give you some perspective.
It is 'toy-like', right?

The heaviest part is the rechargeable battery.
Not big, but it gets our tiny piece of lawn mowed.

If we don't get some more rain soon, we won't have to worry too much about mowing.

In the mean time, we'll keep putting out water for the wildlife,
dragging hoses around, and staying in the shade.

Hope you have the weather you want, wherever you are.

'Til next time...

Happy Gardening...

Speaking of wildlife,
I did a short post, over at my photo blog, about these.