Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Never Ending Story...

A while back, I told you there was a 
New Project
in the works.

This area, on the side of the house, has been progressing since we got here.

Our first view was this...

The fenced Veggie Bed was there when we got here.
That black thing in the middle?  That's the septic tank.
We're hooked up to the sewer system, so that tank just is a pass through kind of thing.

I couldn't stand that.
So, one of the first projects here, was making a bed around it.

There was some grass over there then. St. Augustine, some Bermuda,
and a lot of weeds....
and ROCKS.

So, as the digging progressed, and the heat started setting in,
the bed became smaller than the plan.

I named it The Rock Bed.
Not for the rocks in it, but for the rocks I took out.

The next year, I expanded it.  I planted lantana, some autumn sage that came with the house,
moved some prickly pear from the Deer Grove, and added things here and there.

I think you've heard this story before.

It looked pretty good, for a while.

But, the deer ate the blooms off the lantana.
They shredded some of the agave.
I borrowed the prickly pear for the Drive Bed, after the evil
Snout-nosed Beetle killed that pretty yucca.
And, it all got neglected.

Weeds took over.

Horseherb and feather grass everywhere.

That wouldn't do...

So, we put up some wire on most of the bed.  If I'm going to have lantana
...or any other blooming plant...
there has to be a barrier against the deer.

But, I have bigger plans.

This new mulched area is for grasses...and other things deer don't eat.

I moved the feathergrass out of the new fenced area.
And, some autumn sage and agaves got moved.
Planted some Gulf Muhly, and moved the 
Spanish Bayonet from the front bed, where it was in the wrong place.

I dug out the weeds and the horseherb and planted a new lantana I was lucky enough 
to get at an Austin Bloggers meeting.

We made a mulch path along the side of the house.
Red mulch...I wanted brown, but ended up with red.
It does add color.

There's a bridge across a low place, where we're trying to protect some tree roots.

Is it done?
Of course not!

There are plants I need to move around, blooming things need to be planted in 
the new fenced area, more grasses and some cactus in the grass bed....

And then, there's this...

It's a Never Ending Story.

Happy Gardening...


  1. It looks as though your reduced the bed somewhat rounding out the planted area or is that the angle of the photo? I know how much work you all put into the project but it is so rewarding. Something you can stand back and admire and we all know how quickly plants grow here. Before long the beds will be filled. SO glad you found time to come to the Gogo.

  2. I hear you on neverending stories. We're about to wrap up our first story...the main flower beds. But there are still gaps in the plantings. Of course we've got a million more stories to keep adding to our gardening chores. Your work looks great, though!

  3. I see you have already done so much work in your garden, but indeed it is a never ending story. Everything what is alive , growes or not growes, needs attention and so we struggle on in our gardens.

  4. Gardening with all those challenges keeps you on your toes and makes that never ending story all the more interesting. It was great seeing you at the Go-Go. Keep me posted on the lantana. It's sister plants seem to be quite hardy. Hopefully, it will be a good performer.

    1. It was good to see you and to tour your beautiful garden in person.

      I was trying to remember who gave me the lantana. Thank you. It's inside the new fenced area, and looking good since I put it in the ground. It'll have a chance to show off it's blooms...without being chomped.

  5. What a great transformation. You did a great job to soften it all and give it nice lines and native plants. Isn't it fun when you get an idea and it all works out?!


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