Friday, May 29, 2015

The Power of Water...

By now, you've probably heard that there was a flood in
Wimberley, Texas,

There was a lot of damage....destruction...along the 
Blanco River.

I've shown you the beauty of that river before.

The giant Cypress trees turn beautiful colors in fall.

And, under most conditions, the river flows gently along.

But, Saturday night of Memorial Day Weekend, it turned into a monster.

We hadn't had much rain that day. We've had lots of rain here, but that day
wasn't bad, in our area.

But, to the west, in Blanco, it rained a foot of rain, in a short time.
All that water went into the river, and the river rose thirty feet
in less than an hour.

Houses that had stood solid for fifty or sixty years with no flooding,
were no match for this tsunami.
Debris...houses, cars, trees, boulders...came rushing down,
washing away everything in its path.

People's homes were damaged, destroyed, or simply washed away.

People lost their lives.

internet image. source unknown.

The deluge topped this bridge by at least ten feet.

The beautiful Cypress trees, which have stood for hundreds of years, 
were bowed over and shredded.

We pray for those who have lost so much.
We hope for them the strength it will take to get through all this.
We do what we can to help, with funds, time and energy.

Meanwhile...this small town of Wimberley is still 
A Little Bit of Heaven.

Stay safe...
God Bless...

Friday, May 22, 2015

Memorial Day...

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery.

Have a safe and happy 
Memorial Day Weekend.

Take a moment to remember those who gave their lives for us.

Happy Gardening...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

And So, It Begins....

A new crop of hungry mouths to feed.

Happy Gardening...
(I hope.)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Blooms and Foliage...May, 2015...

I've been neglecting this blog for a while.  
Travel and weed pulling, have gotten in the way.

The middle of each month, though, is when we join 
Carol at May Dreams Garden
Pam at Digging.
for Bloomday and Foliage Follow-Up.

We've been having a lot of rain.
So, I got out between rains, for some of these photos.

Not much is blooming here.
My garden is way behind some others due to a late freeze.

But, this prickly pear has been showing off a bloom at a time.

This one is in the Drive Bed.
And, it's really been growing.

The Feverfew bloomed this year, too.
The flowers are on long stems, and I'm not too crazy about that.
But, the blooms are pretty.

The Verbena Bonariensis is blooming.
Another one with pretty flowers on long stems.

I tried a Mexican Honeysuckle this year.
I really like it and so do Hummingbirds.

It seems the deer like it, too.
I'll be moving it to the Fenced Yard.

What we have most of here, is foliage.

The Japanese Aralia is finally taking off. Mr. Rooster might get covered up.


and Quadracolor agave are doing well.

The Inland Seaoats are finally filling in the way I planned.
They're loving all this rain.

This Japanese Holly Fern is coming back from the dead.

We got the weeds out of the front beds,
and put down new mulch.

I think some cutting back is in store for the fig tree....
which is in a very wrong spot.
It was here when we got here.

In the veggie garden, the grapes are putting on clusters of grapes.

And, even though they got a very late start, the tomatoes are putting on fruit.

There's more going on here.
But, the sun is out and there's gardening that needs doing...
before it rains again.

Be sure to check out the Blooms and Foliage this month.

Happy Gardening...