Thursday, August 10, 2017

It Rained!...

We FINALLY had some rain.
Six inches of rain!

We really, really needed it.

It made everybody happy.

The planter we made in this old fountain,
was happy.  

The Periwinkle loved the rain.
It loves the heat, too.

The Plumbago is beginning to really bloom.
They love the heat, too.
And, a little water from heaven doesn't hurt.

Even the Prickly Pear loved the rain.

We're heating back up,
and we have a whole lot of sun.

But, it was nice while it lasted.

Hope you're having good weather,
wherever you are.

Happy Gardening...

Friday, July 28, 2017

A Little of This, and A Little of That....

I could have named this post the same as the last one...
Summertime Blues.

It's been HOT.
And, DRY.

I'm really hoping this thermometer is not right.
It's pretty close to the one on the other side of the house, though.

The heat, and no rain, is taking a toll on the whole place.

The trees are dropping leaves almost as bad as fall.
Only good thing...less to pick up in fall.

Not much to eat, for these guys. 

Well....except for our landscapes.

Since it's so dry...

...why do I need so much of these?

I don't dare go out without it.
The mosquitoes LOVE me.

It's not all bad, though.
The early morning light still looks good.

Willow enjoys hanging out on the bridge...
as long as the sprinkler's not going.

Sweet Potato loves the heat.

And, so does the Firecracker Fern.

And, some of our recent sunsets, have been very nice.

I was worried about some fungus looking things on this
Golden Barrel Cactus.
It turns out it's new growth!


And, this could be good or bad...

Our son-in-law is a safety consultant in the oil and gas industry.
The workers were clearing a site, and plowing up these.

If I read the photo right, they're Sotols of some kind.
He asked if I wanted some.  I said, of course.

So, he's bringing me some.
I hear there are ten..

I need to do some research to see how long they can stay out of the ground.
They live a distance away from us.

So, that's what's going on here.
Trying to keep things alive,
and staying out of the heat.

Tomorrow is supposed to be extra hot.
Then we have a "cold front" coming in.

We could be all the way down to 99!!'s all relative.

Have a great weekend.

Happy Gardening...

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summertime Blues....

It's been HOT here.
And, dry.

But, there is still squirrel patrol.

But, she just never can catch them...

That's a good thing.

Happy Gardening...

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Have a Happy and Safe
4th of July!!!


Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Saga of the Drive Bed...

You've heard the story of the
Drive Bed,
many times.

I did a long history blog about it changed again.

I thought maybe I could save this big Prickly Pear.

The Cactus Bugs had done a real job on it.

I began trimming back and cleaning up the ruined pads.
That's when I began to see even more of the awful bugs.

Why do all that work, just to have it continue to fall apart?

So, I started hacking it out.
Not an easy job, with such a big mess.

I finally got it hacked down, and the trunk dug up.
I hauled it out and piled it all in the Grove, where it began years ago.
Maybe some of the pads will root, and grow again.

By the way...these can be vicious plants.
Long spines are not the biggest problem.
Those mean little stickers...glochids....are.
They were even in the soil.
They worked their way into my gloves,
and since I sit on my behind, while I garden... get the picture.

NO FUN!! is the new incarnation...

So far, I like it.

These Golden Barrel Cacti needed to have more sun, anyway.
And, the little Bunny Cactus fit in, nicely.

It looks especially nice, in the morning light.

I'm sorry to lose such a beautiful plant.
But, the bugs won this one.

That's the thing about gardening...
it's never DONE.

Hope you're enjoying your ever-changing gardens.

Happy Gardening...

Friday, June 16, 2017

Happy Father's Day, 2017...

 I'm reposting last year's 
Father's Day post.

With a little extra thrown in.
We added another father this year.


There are lots of fathers, in my life.
Some gone, and some still with us.

The first father I knew was my Daddy.
He was a good man. A hard working man....
He loved to learn new things...have a good time.
And, fish.

And, there's my father-in-law.
Another good man. Another hard working man.
Fun, and funny...always ready for a good time.
And, fish.

Both are gone now. And, we all miss them.

And, this guy.
The one I see every day.
Another good man. Another hard working man.
He's also fun, and funny.
And, ALWAYS ready for a good time.

Another good man...hard working and always there for his family...
our Son.

And, our Son-in-Law...
another good, hardworking man...
there for his family.

This year, we added one more father.

Ronnie is our newest father...
Father to our sweet Great Grandson.
Another good, hardworking guy.

I'm blessed, to have all these good men in my life...
past and present.

Seems we have an ongoing theme in this family...
good, hardworking men.

Good men....good good families.
We're all lucky to have them, in our lives.

The generations march on.

to all the fathers out there...
all the Dads.

We love you all.

Happy Father's Day...

Friday, May 26, 2017

Memorial Day...

Let us all pause for a moment,
on Memorial Day,
to remember those who 
paid the greatest price,
for our freedom.

Arlington National Cemetery

Freedom isn't free.

Happy Memorial Day...

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Remembering the Power of Water...

It's been two years,
since the Blanco River took homes,
and lives,
as it rushed through our area.

Some people are still getting their lives
back together.
Some gave up,
and sold their land.

Some of the victims were never found.

It's all very sad.

But, time will heal.

It will be a very long time
before the River gets back where it was.
Six hundred year old Cypress Trees
don't grow back very quickly.

People heal more quickly.
But, the memory of the
power of water,
and the power of people to rebuild,
will be with us a long time.

Here's what I posted then.


By now, you've probably heard that there was a flood in
Wimberley, Texas,

There was a lot of damage....destruction...along the 
Blanco River.

I've shown you the beauty of that river before.

The giant Cypress trees turn beautiful colors in fall.

And, under most conditions, the river flows gently along.

But, Saturday night of Memorial Day Weekend, it turned into a monster.

We hadn't had much rain that day. We've had lots of rain here, but that day
wasn't bad, in our area.

But, to the west, in Blanco, it rained a foot of rain, in a short time.
All that water went into the river, and the river rose thirty feet
in less than an hour.

Houses that had stood solid for fifty or sixty years with no flooding,
were no match for this tsunami.
Debris...houses, cars, trees, boulders...came rushing down,
washing away everything in its path.

People's homes were damaged, destroyed, or simply washed away.

People lost their lives.

internet image. source unknown.

The deluge topped this bridge by at least ten feet.

The beautiful Cypress trees, which have stood for hundreds of years, 
were bowed over and shredded.

We pray for those who have lost so much.
We hope for them the strength it will take to get through all this.
We do what we can to help, with funds, time and energy.

Meanwhile...this small town of Wimberley is still 
A Little Bit of Heaven.

Stay safe...
God Bless...

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Mother's Day...

We all have lots of Mothers in our lives.  

We all start out with one mother,
and add more, along the way.

This is the one I started with.
She was a good mother.  A good wife.
She and my dad were married 56 years,
when he died.

She's the one who gave me my love of gardens,
and all things natural.

I wish I'd learned a lot more.

On Mother's Day, before we left for church,
she would always go out to her rose garden,
(She always had a rose garden.),
and get a red rose for me to wear,
because my mother was live,
and a white rose for her,
because her mother was gone.

Then, there's my Mother-In-Law.
Here she is, with my Father-In-Law,
at the Copa Cabana, in Miami.

She loved getting dressed up, and going out.
Movies, musicals...any kind of show.

She was NOT a gardener.
Her idea of fun outside, was a beach somewhere.
She grew up in south Florida.

She gave me the good man I married.
And, I thank her.

Next came our daughter.

She's a very good mother, to these two great kids.  
Always involved in their activities.  
Always busy.

She's becoming a good gardener, too.
They bought an old house, with a great garden.
She's learning that gardens can be fun...
and, lots of work.

Our Daughter-In-Law came to us already a mother.
She brought along two really great kids.
Twins...boy and girl.

Then, she gave us two more great kids.
Two beautiful girls.

She's another good mother.
Involved with her children. Teaching and 
urging them to do their best. 

She's a good gardener.  
Even took the Master Gardener classes.

We've gone on many garden tours together.

This year, we added one more mother.
Our oldest granddaughter gave us 
a beautiful little boy.

She's proving to be a good mother, too.

Maybe someday, when she gets a chance,
she'll learn to love gardening, too.

Enjoy all the mothers in your life.
They're all very special.

Happy Mother's Day...

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Inside Austin Garden Tour...2017...

Last week, a few members of our Austin Area Garden Bloggers
got the chance to do a preview tour of this year's
Travis County Master Gardeners'

First up, was Peggy Hart's beautiful, hillside
garden, in west Austin.

The front is designed with lots of shade loving, deer resistant plants.

The back deck offers a comfortable place to enjoy a beautiful view.

And, below is a vegetable garden and an iconic Austin symbol.

Next, we visited Daphne Jeffers cottage/zen garden.

The front cottage garden is a riot of color.  Lots of beautiful spring blooms

Daphne explained how she turned a grassy yard, into a garden beauty.

In back, they've turned this area into a calm, zen-like garden.
Lots of bamboo and a quiet rock fountain.

Also, this clever re-purposing of a play area.
A fenced in bird feeding station.
Keep out those pesky squirrels and larger birds.

We moved on to the garden of Velia Sanchez-Ruiz.

Velia's front garden is chock full of beautiful daylilies.

 The back is cool and lush, with lots of shade plants.

Then, we headed out west, to Dorothy Thering's garden.

Dorothy has a lot of room to garden.  Twenty-five acres.
Of course, they haven't made the whole place gardens.

But, they have done a lot.
Look at this fabulous vegetable garden.

And, on the other side of the house...

..this wonderful garden shed/green house.

With paths for a stroll in back.

I really liked this place.

Last, but certainly not least, was Shari Bauer's whimsical garden.

Shari has taken re-purposing to the ultimate.
Something to see, everywhere you looked.

Shari's house overlooks the Pedernales River.

Her comfortable porch is a good place to rest.

On the other side of the house, Shari has terraced the steep hill and planted
a lush, shady garden.  

She's placed a shady dining table...

...under a teapot chandelier.

My favorite thing is this pond, with the grill of an old jeep as the waterfall.
The lights work.  
In fact, this whole garden has lots of lights.

How often do you find a piano, all planted up, in a garden?

More found objects.

Over the bridge, the lavender garden.

Pause for a moment, under an up-ended sailboat.

And, back down to the house, through the lavender.

Some of us (where are the rest?),
paused for a group photo with Shari,
in her lovely greenhouse.

It is an amazing garden.

We had a wonderful day.  Gardeners in gardens.
Always fun.

Saturday, May 6.
Follow the link for more info.

You won't be disappointed.

Happy Gardening...