Thursday, April 4, 2013

This and That on Thursday...'s been busy around here.
New projects and working outside.

We had a very nice Easter.
I hope you did, too.

More and more signs of Spring.
The Virginia Creeper, on the fence, seemed to leaf out, overnight.

The Cyclamen is still blooming....not much, but some.

A new Indian Hawthorn we planted recently, is blooming.
I thought it had been burned by the cold mornings.

There are even some blooms on the Ruby Chrystal grass by the Rio.
I thought this would be an annual here.  But, this is it's third year.

The things growing best, are these Cedar Elm seedlings.

Hundred....thousands...of these little seedlings.
I've dug them out of all the beds once....some beds twice.
And still, they keep coming.  I think it's from the strange fall bloom we had.

It's one of the frustrating things about gardening here.  You think you have a job done...
a project finished...and then you have to REdo it.

Lots of time, energy...and, MONEY...goes into it.  And, that delays other
projects you might want to get done.

But, we keep on keeping on.

We got the walkway put in, in the Front Bed.
I still need to get out and find a Bamboo Muhly for the back of the bed part.

But so far, it's made it easier to get to the faucet to turn on the soaker hoses.

We did get almost two inches of rain, the last three days.
That will help a lot.

The weather is still was 86 on Tuesday
and, didn't get out of the low 50s yesterday.

We're still lugging plants in and out.

We had hundreds of American Goldfinches come through, the other day.
Mr. P. was able to get a pretty good shot of one.
Isn't he pretty?

And, lastly....from the What the Heck Department....

I turned on my computer Monday, and the desktop...the screen thing...was all rearranged.
The wallpaper was a default Toshiba one.



Nobody seems to know why.
I'm not too happy, to say the least.

But, it's not complete devastation.

I blog.  
In fact, I have THREE blogs.
All those photos are stored online, with Picasa Web Albums.
Plus, I have a couple other online album storage.

And, when we got the new laptop, we couldn't sync the new with the old.
I had to burn CDs to transfer photos.

Whew...that saved a lot.

And, I think I've learned my lesson...again...


So...that's what's been happening here.

We have more busy-ness coming up.
So, it might be another couple of weeks before I'm back here.

In the mean time...

Happy Gardening...


  1. Hi Linda...OK...this is really weird!! I have thousands of little two-leaf "things" in my garden. I had never had them before and thought they might be the dreaded wild violets that go crazy in my garden. I've been watching and watching, but still can't determine what they are because none of them have developed second leaves. However....they sure look a lot like those cedar elm seedlings in your picture. I'll have to wait and see. I may be doing some major "hula hoeing" over the weekend. I'm glad you found some of your pictures!

  2. I really like your fence and walkway. I might have to steal/copy your design;) Great pic of the American Goldfinch. They are so pretty this time of year. Sorry to hear about your computer problems.

  3. Oh my gosh, I can't imagine loosing my photos! You must have been so frustrated. I'm sorry.
    On the other hand, your garden looks great and the projects are getting done in some nice weather! The rain was wonderful and everything is looking super happy over here too. I was out the night before the rain planting so all of it had the benefit of the rains. Happy Spring, Linda!

  4. Your walkway looks wonderful. But I was shocked at the thought of losing all your photos! I would be devastated! Thank goodness for your online storage!

  5. Nice job in the walkway and yes a gardener's job is never done. I am always wondering why I keep doing the same things over and over again. Didn't I just do that a few weeks ago? Now with all the rain the growth is rampant and soon the summer weeds will be here! Goldfinches are the prettiest birds but we only see them in the fall when the flower seeds are a source of food. Oh, the thought of losing all the photos. I don't save mine anywhere else except on a flash drive. Someone was suggesting always keeping them on the card and just buying new ones. Multiple saves. Have a great weekend.

  6. Love the simple walkway. I think it's a great idea to use cement pavers throughout the gravel. I might have to copy you!

  7. I'm glad it's more even here, and it's really wild - so far, not even one 80F high! Seeing India Hawthorn here starting to bloom, they seem to take light frosts with ease, in fact many plants at my place are. 31-32F now forecast Wed-Thurs night in our weekly cold plunge...the weather jesters were not happy for one night at 30F anymore. They get bored here easily.

    PC photos gone - I erased my hard drive a few years ago, but found a data recovery program for $200 / phone support from a firm in Minnesota. Recovered 80% of my photos, just like I hear the FBI can do. So much stays on your hard drive until you over-write it, so minimize use of that particular computer until you resolve this. I bet you can recover many of your "lost" pics...let me know, and I'll send you their link.

  8. Your garden looks so welcoming. :o) I love that red flowered grass. So pretty. :o) I'm convinced my work computers are possessed so I can empathize!


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