Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 2012 Bloomday...I Got Nothin'.....

Well....nothin' but pansies.

And, I've already shown you these.

They're still going strong.  They like these warm days and cool nights.

There were some blooms on some new Autumn Sage, salvia greggii, 
that was newly planted in the Island Bed.  
But, the deer ate them.  Yes, deer will eat Autumn Sage blooms.

So, that's it.

Oh, wait!

The Primrose Jasmine is blooming....all over the neighborhood. 
Much more blooms than last year.

We have lots of green, though.  Rain makes such a big difference, this year.

What's blooming for you?

Happy Bloomday...


  1. I adore pansies. They are so delicate & pretty:)

  2. I love pansies- such happy little flowers. Our primrose are blooming too- I forgot! They are blooming all over our neighborhood too.

  3. I haven't seen the primrose jasmine blooming - they are wonderful, aren't they? I hope all the green holds a promise for lots of spring blooms.

  4. Those pansies are really beautiful, makes one happy on a winter day for sure. Our pansies look bad right noe due to the 20 degree night a few days ago. Soon they will be cheerful again.

  5. Deer! Rabbits! Arrgh!!! But glad to see plants that somehow shake them off. A neighbor saw roadrunners taking flowers out of his pots last summer and fall, to eat!

    1. I've never seen a rabbit here. That is strange to me, since we had them making nests inside our former suburban garden, with all privacy fences.
      There are Roadrunners here, but so far they haven't raided the garden. Armadillos and deer are our worst pests.

  6. I would have nothing here in winter, without the pansies.

    The Primrose Jasmine is especially pretty this year. The deer don't seem to touch it. We have the hedge that our neighbor put in around the power boxes. The good old electric company & their 'tree specialist' cut most down to the ground, on our side, last summer. It'll take a while, but we're trying to fix it.


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