Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Holding Patterns....

This container is a copper liner for a window box.  I found it years ago, at a flea market.  
It's had many incarnations.  Right now, it's holding some dusty miller, 
that was used on the Christmas dinner table.   I know these will get too large for this, but for now, 
they're looking good.

Also looking good, are the pansies.  This one is in a nice container my friend Jann gave us.

This pot held plumbago, purslane, and a lantana last summer.
The pansies took over, when everything froze.

Pansies have such pretty faces.

Even the white ones have cute faces.  They're just a bit quieter.

This pink one is quiet, too.  Such a delicate little thing.

Violas are probably my favorite.  They have a lot of personality in a smaller face.
These are in a wooden planter box.

This was that planter last winter.  None of these plants made it through the hot, hot summer.

This blue water globe...a Christmas gift from our daughter's family...really pops in the lettuce bowl.

This pot has had several different things planted in it.

But, none have done as well as this lettuce.  

As you see, I like containers.  They can add some color, even when there are no blooms.

Anything that will hold soil can hold a plant.  This old wheelbarrow holds some agave lophantha.
That little one on the left is constantly being pulled up by the deer.  I just keep sticking it back in.

Here's another A. lophantha in this lovely planter.  This planter's first life was as a firepit.
As with the wheelbarrow...holes were punched in the bottom for drainage.

 Some people find containers too hard to keep watered.
I find them to be extra interest in the garden...no matter what season it is.
We have them all around the place.  If I had to guess...there will be more.

Do you like containers? 

Happy Gardening...


  1. Love that copper window box liner. Very nice find. I have a galvanized liner that I had planned to rebuild the window box for it, but my friends like it as is.

    Containers work so well in my garden because I can move them out of the sun in late summer and also play "keep away" with the deer. I find them easier to keep annuals watered than in beds.

    This year I have an old wheelbarrow to try. It's a deep construction style one so should work well.

    Yes, I would say I like containers too!

    1. My old wheelbarrow, is one my son-on-law put together with parts he'd found. Works great as a planter. I prefer carts for hauling. You don't have to lift them.
      It's shallow, so the agave have done the best there.
      The deer constantly pulled up things I've planted in it...still do with this one small agave.

  2. I like how you've re-purposed objects for use as containers. I integrate a lot of containers into the landscape in the summer. I can control the moisture and sunlight by moving the pots around the yard to find the right spot. Watering all those containers does take time, but it's therapy after a long day at the office.

    1. I agree with it being nice to be able to move pots around.
      I can't say I'm thrilled with the extra watering. I lug watering cans from the rain barrels. It's work, but I love having the color of the pots, and the extra interest they add to the garden.

  3. I do indeed like containers in the garden, and I put very xeric plants in them that need watering only occasionally. You have plenty of that type as well, it seems. Your pansies are looking very sweet.

    1. I love your containers. The culvert pipe containers are great. Fits right in with all the metal in your garden.


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