Monday, February 27, 2012

House Hunting Season...

Here we are....another week closer to Spring.  And, the House Hunting has begun.  

This Wren house, had been occupied every spring, since we've been here.  

This Gourd house, has been Sparrows...year round, since we hung it up.
It's full.  You can see nesting material all the way up to the door.  
Not sure how we'd clean it out.  But, there's a family living there now.

This is the newest house in our 'neck of the woods'.
I think it's a Bluebird house.  And, Mr. P said he saw some blue-ish bird over there.

But, a Wren family has been busy moving in.

Has House Hunting started in your neighborhood?  It's fun to watch.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Nice digs for the birds there.

    I've seen birds collecting bits of things for their nests. We don't have birdhouses, but they seem to do fine with the mature shrubs we have here.

  2. Hi Linda, I take care of a garden at the elementary school near my house. I put two nesting boxes in that garden. Each box has a House Sparrow couple settling in to raise a family. I agree! It is very fun to watch!

  3. How exciting to see some green and new life moving into your garden! It will be a while still before we get any House Hunters (well, the Spring variety, that is ... the winter mice are another story!) here in Chicago. I'm still waiting for a real winter to kick in ...

    Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog!


  4. Great post and blog. So happy I stopped by!

  5. Plenty of house hunting here, too. Though today's winds has the birds getting their version of lattes - inside!

  6. How funny about the squirrel. i just hung a birdhouse - hope we end up with renters this year.

  7. My little wren is all settled in her new home. She is now hunkered down on those eggs and gives me the "stink eye" when I check on her:)

  8. Oh yes, it's started here. Saw some chickadees making a nest in one box (I wonder if they're the same couple from last year?). I put a couple of new boxes up and I sure hope they get some renters.


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