Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Plants...Again...

So, we're working on a redecorating job, and I needed something that I couldn't find at the local hardware stores.  
A trip to the nearest Big Box store was in order.  

The closest entrance is through the garden center.
It would be rude to ignore all the beautiful, colorful things they have lined up, inside and out...right?
I try never to be rude.

So, I got this strawberry.  Three, actually.  I've never grown strawberries. 
It's labeled 'Strawberry quinault'.
I did some research online.  ALL of the things I found said strawberries have small WHITE flowers and red berries.  

But, look at that beautiful deep rose bloom.  And, those dark green, glossy leaves.
Even if I hadn't been inspired by Diana at Sharing Nature's Garden, to get some strawberries, I would NEED this plant.
I even think I'm going to plant it in a flower bed, inside the Fenced Yard.

Would that work?  Do any of you have strawberries with red-ish blooms?

Willow, of course, had to come over to see if he approved.
I'm going to pot up those tomatoes, in bigger pots, to give them a head start on the season.
That means moving them in and out when the nights are too cold.

I suppose Willow approved.  He'll probably be right there with Maggie, helping me plant.

Oh...I also got some more Mexican Feather Grass for the new Driveway Bed.  And, some Ruby Chrystal Grass.
They had a good price on those...better than when I bought them before.
They have an orange logo.

The day is going to be gorgeous.  Clear, sunny and maybe 80 degrees!
Painting bathroom cabinet doors, just might have to wait.

Happy Gardening...


  1. I've tried strawberries here in Tucson. They like a little shade, some moist soil and do well in planters and pots. Good luck! In some places, I've even seen them used as groundcover!

    1. I got them planted. They're in a place that will get some afternoon shade, and close to a rain barrel. I hope they do well.

  2. Ooh, those strawberries are lovely! I've never seen red ones, either. My cat likes to help me garden, also. Then the dog gets jealous so he comes over, too. They are both in the way!

    1. helpers. They do get in the way.
      I think Maggie and I have come to an understanding, that new bedding plants, waiting to be planted, are NOT her toys.

  3. Those are beautiful blooms, haven't heard of red ones. The strawberry farms in Poteet treat their plants as annuals. I don't grow strawberries, but since Chris mentioned it we did have wild strawberries as groundcover in Virginia and the berries are tiny and bitter.

    1. I've never seen the red ones, either. There they were, right on the front row.
      Even if they just put on more of those pretty leaves, it'll be worth it.

  4. Love the gorgeous red blooms. Glad Willow gave his stamp of approval. He is cute:)

  5. Never have seen the red-blooming strawberries. How beautiful! Keep us posted. I've grown the everbearing strawberries here in the TX hill country for a few years. Morning sun only. They do like lots of water, as Rohrerbot says, which is not that much of a plus for me, especially after last summer's hellish drought! Since the nice rains, I have blooms now and a few tiny green berries.

    1. I hope they do well. I only got three. They're by a rain barrel, so extra water might not be too hard. That is if the rains keep water in the barrels.

  6. I've grown strawberries before, but that red blooming variety is new to me. I would be proud to have that in any of my flower beds. It's real pretty.

    1. There were a couple plants in the tray, with white flowers. But, even without fruit, these plants are pretty landscape plants.

  7. I love your strawberry plants. I usually buy some this time of year. I can't resist them and I don't even care if I get any strawberries.


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