Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day Lily, Day Lily, Day Lo.....

Those of you old enough to remember that song,
know it was
Hi Lili, Hi Lili, Hi Lo.

But, hey....I needed a title.

And, the daylilies are doing really well this year.
Especially compared to the last couple of years.
Maybe it's the rain....or, the extra nitrogen.

I've moved them around so much, I'm not sure what the names are on most.
This one though, has to be Chicago Star.

Tall, softly bright yellow, and a bloom 6-8 inches across.
Big and beautiful.

The marker by this one says Miss Amelia.
It just might be.  It's the right height and color.
It's going to have to be moved.  It's getting covered up by other plants.
And, it could use more sun.

But, isn't she pretty?

This, I know, is Pandora's Box.  
It's the only one I had this color....with the burgundy throat.
Small, and blooming at the feet of Chicago Star.

The marker by this one says Pardon Me.
But, it's not.  Not the one I remember...which is deep red.

It's a bit different colors, different times of day.

But, that's not deep red.

There are more buds coming, on plants close by.
Maybe Pardon Me will show up.
But, this one will do.  Doesn't matter if I know the name. 
She's pretty anyway.

I hope I get to see the ones on the way.
We're off to visit our daughter in Wyoming.
Yep....she moved AGAIN.

The plant sitters will let me know what's blooming.
And, I hope, keeping things alive.

I'll keep you posted.

'Til then....

Happy Gardening...


  1. They are pretty. Do you keep those away from the deer? I had read they were a deer favorite so haven't planted any.

    We lived in Wyoming for a few years, nice in the summer but the winters are loooonnng! Cold, very cold too.

  2. They are all so beautiful! I really love the peach and pink varieties. I've always wanted a Day Lily bed. Hmmm.... Might have to make that happen sooner than later:)

  3. I do like day lilies, but don't grown them because yes, Shirley, the deer do eat them (in my experience). Yours are beautiful, Linda! Have fun in Wyoming!

  4. Linda you've got a veritable wardrobe of daylilies. How lovely and what an inspiration it must be to you.

    Good they're behind the fence. A favorite deer snack...every part is nutritious--stems and roots included.


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