Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Fathers in My Life....

Over the years...if you're can collect a lot of Fathers.

This is the one I started out with.

By the time I showed up, he had been a father to my brother and sister for quite a while.
There were both quite a bit older.

He was a hard-working, honest man.  
He was always interested in learning new things.  
He passed that love of learning on to his children.

This December, he will be gone for 30 years.
And, I still miss him.


But, I still have Fathers.

This is the Father I live with.
He's been in my life, for half a century. (Yikes!)

He's a fun guy.  Sometimes my 'Third Kid'.
But, he's always been a good Father...a Dad.

Always there for whatever his children needed.

And, now....he's a good Grandfather.
Pop...the Grands know he can easily be wrapped around a finger.

The next generations of Fathers.

The guy on the far left, is our son.
He's a great Father, too.
Always showing up for all the kids activities.  
They know they can count on him, whatever the situation.

And, our Son-in-Law.
Another hard-working man, who would do anything for his kids.
They know that Daddy is there for them, for always.


All these men...these a big role in my life.
I love each and every, and every day.

Happy Father's Day,
to Fathers Everywhere.


  1. That is so sweet Linda. Tell them all Happy Father's Day!

  2. Linda, what a sweet post. I love the photo of you and your father. Congratulations on all the fathers in your life.


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