Friday, February 24, 2012

Ode to a Garden Cart....

My Dear Garden Cart....

You've been with me, through many years.
Years of hauling dirt.
Years of hauling compost and mulch.

Years of hauling big rocks and little rocks.

I've loved your design.  Your depth and breadth....
your great handle....and the fact that you can be pushed AND pulled.
Your little well, for tools and gloves and...whatever.

I'm not sure why your great design is nowhere out there to be found again.

But, there comes a day, when we all need to step aside.  A day when we need to rest.

You've given me years of loyal support. 

Now, it's time for you to rest.

And, let the new kid on the block, take over the heavy lifting.

You'll stay around...just in case you're needed again.  But, enjoy your retirement.

Thank you, Dear Garden Cart.  Thank you.

Have a Great Weekend...


  1. The new kid looks like a good one!

  2. I hope this new crd performs as well for you. I know it will take a lot of punishment.

  3. I need one of those! I only have a wheelbarrow, and sometimes it is not the right tool. Adios, old cart.

  4. I often think it would be amazing to see all of the garden equipment that has been used up in my garden laid end to end. The shovels that broke, the buckets that cracked, the wheelbarrows that could not be repaired, I believe it would be an unbelievable amount of items. I’m always a little sad to see any of them go. They are often still just hanging around for old time sake. Thanks for rekindling the memories.

  5. Definitely looks like it served you well, too bad you couldn't find another one. That photo with the rocks is a familiar one here. I have a 4-wheel wagon too because I can't haul rocks, plants, or bags of potting soil in a wheelbarrow without wiping out.

  6. This is a great cart design. It has four wheels, with a brake. There's the little well to hold tools. And, it's deep. I looked all over the web for another one. I'm assuming they don't make them anymore. It was made by Scotts.

    They new cart is really nice. It's basically a wagon....pull only, no push. It has big wheels, a plus across some terrain. It dumps...that's nice. And, it's pretty.

    I don't want to sound ungrateful. But, I still love my old one.

    1. I love my cart like yours! I call it my husband! I use it to take all my groceries in to the house! When one of my kids or me move,it hauls so much! I love it!! It works in the yard with me,I take it when I have alot of stuff to unload from my truck! It dosen't complain,gripe nothing does whatever I ask of it! Mine now has a hole in the very bottom,but I dont or won't give up on him! I guess what I like the most is the wheel setup,it goes up stairs to my porch, My kids keep threatening to get me an affair,but can't find one i would like as much as this one!

  7. Nothing lasts forever. Gotta enjoy the moments while we can. Maybe you could turn Beloved Cart into a planter of some sort!

  8. Have the same garden cart! It has taken a beating but there arent any holes or cracks in it. My problem is that the axels have rotted & so have the wheels. It doesn't seem cost effective to replace the wheels or the axels but if you're ever in or around Saint Augustine, FL, you're welcome to have it so you can resurrect the one you retired!

  9. I must have had mine, just like that one, for twenty years or more at the barn. Tons of manure, rocks, tools... never a banged- up heel (I'm looking at you, cheap one- piece- body- and- handle carts), the handle folded when I had to pack it for shows, it tipped its load out like the pro it was... but the body got brittle and *someone* put his hoof through it this past winter. Whyever did Scott discontinue the design? It was just the thing for cleaning stalls, with its depth and maneuverability! *sigh*


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