Friday, May 13, 2016

A Little of This, and A Little of That...

Hot and humid have set in here.
We've had a lot of sunshine, with a few quick showers,
the last few days.

We do need some more rain, though.
We have so many trees, sometimes those quick showers don't
put much water on the plants.

The Great Prickly Pear Wars continue.
I've sprayed so much soapy water,
I keep expecting foam to cover the ground,
when we do have a shower.

They've spread to other prickly pears, though.
So, next up is something stronger.
I hate to lose these larger plants.

 Salvia guaranitica

Things are blooming.



And, the Oleander, that has seldom bloomed, since we planted it.

Something woke it up.

Not sure I ever showed you the olla our grandson gave us for Christmas.
Too cute to bury. 

I decided on the vine for the AC screen trellis.

A Scarlet Passion Vine.
I went to the garden center where our daughter lives,
to get a purple one...Incense Passion vine...
but, they were out...and, we were there..
and, I needed a vine.
It might be an annual. It's not as hardy as the purple kind.

Among other things I've potted up...
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora...or luciae.
Not sure which it is.  Label just said Kalanchoe.

Another succulent and strawflower cactus.

Even cleaned up the potting table.
That's so unusual, I decided to document it.

Tomatoes are setting.
I know a lot of you have harvested some already.
I was late getting mine in.

My best crop, is the grass coming back up in the Veggie Garden.
Need to get out there and get it out...again.

The compost bed seems to be doing pretty well with plants.
Already took out the, we have cantaloupe.

Before I go out to work...
or, just pick up the newspaper...
I need to don my arsenal of mosquito repellents.

The Avon one seems to work well, and it doesn't warn not
to get it on automobiles. 

In a couple days, I'm off to Camp...
the annual get together of Buttercups.

I didn't make it last year, because of health reasons.
Linda Lieu was my stand-in.
This year, the Buttercup on the far left won't make it.

She fell and broke her jaw, just a few days ago.
She's doing a bit better, but
she could use your good thoughts, and some prayers.

I missed the concert in the park, last year.
And, we'll be too early for it this year.
But, we always have a good time.

Have a great weekend.
See you when I get back.

Happy Gardening...

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Top 'O the Morning....

We had a bit of a storm last night.
A lot of noise. A little wind. 
And, some nice rain.

But, the day started nice and sunny, with everything newly washed.

My new little pig planter..a gift from our daughter's family...
was soaking up the sun, on the front porch.

The sun was lighting up the fenced yard.

I love the morning light, on the beds.

Making the dark spots glow a little.

Shining on the Rio...

and, making the fountain sparkle.

It shines across the porch...

making fun light and shadow.

Waking up the new Tree Aloe...another gift...from our son's family.
(Do my kids know me, or what?)

The Side yard is mostly in shadow...making the light in the 
Garden Grove glow....
What's that back there?

Another limb down.  Looks like it may have broken during the Big Storm, last week.
I guess the wind last night, brought it to the ground.

Glad I did the walk around. I might have seen this after the limb pick up, today.

It's always good to take a garden walk.

Hope your garden is glowing today.

Happy Gardening...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Prickly Situation..

We have a prickly situation here....
 a Prickly Pear, situation.

This is the Prickly Pear 
(Opuntia engelmanii)
 I transplanted from the Deer Grove.

It has grown a lot, since then. In fact, this is just HALF
of it, when we moved it from the side yard,
to the Drive Bed.

This is how it looked last year,

This is how it looks now.

It's really spread out.

It's full of buds.

But, this is how they end up.

They try to open, but they get the life sucked out of them.

By these...
Hesperolabops gelastops.
In other words, Cactus bugs.

They suck the juices out of the pads.
See the damage to this new pad?

They've been making a mess, out of the whole thing.

The treatment is blasts of water, or soapy water...
or Neem...

There are hundreds of these vile little creatures.
And, they're fast...running to the other side of the pads,
when you walk up.

So far, I've been trying soapy water...
going around and around the cactus, trying to hit them.

More entertainment for the neighbors.
Maybe they think it's some kind of 'Cactus Ritual'...

So far, the bugs are still there.

I'll keep trying the soap.
Then, I may have to go to the big guns.

I'll let you know, how it goes.

The marks on this cactus are from the hail we had a week or so ago.
Can't do anything about that.
But, at least no bugs....

With gardening...
it's always something.

Happy Gardening...

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Have a Wonderful Day...

To all of the Mother's in our lives....

Have a Wonderful Day...