Monday, November 17, 2014

November Foliage Follow-Up.....

Here we are in the MIDDLE of 

Wow....time is flying by.

Time to join 
Pam at Digging,
for Foliage Follow-Up.

It's pretty much the same old, same old here.
Agaves, yucca, cactus....

We did get a couple new Mediterranean Palms,
and got them planted before the Arctic Blast.
(one in front bed, just right of right side tree)

And, I moved some Red Yucca from beside that Rosemary,
to fill in where the deer had made a mess of the
Color Guard Yucca.

I potted up two of them for the Fenced Yard, and caged the third one in the Back Bed.

They had chomped and pulled them up, over & over.
They did a job on them....grrrrr.

It looks better now.
And, since the deer have left that Red Yucca alone so far,
maybe we're safe.
For a while.....

At least they haven't eaten the metal Prickly Pear.

They did try to eat the 'silk' chrysanthemums on the front porch.

Yes folks, I've resorted to FAKE flowers on the porch.
And, the deer even tried them.

If you want to see more Foliage Follow-Up,
be sure to visit Pam.

Happy Gardening...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank You....

Custer National Cemetery, Montana

Happy Veterans Day

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Different Foliage Follow-Up.... usual.
But, thought I'd join 
Pam at Digging,
for Foliage Follow-up.

Since I have the same old, same old....
chomped yucca, agaves, etc...
and, I know you're tired of hearing my
whining about the deer, the drought, my disappointment
with my garden,
I'll take you way north.

Last month, we were in
Glacier National Park,
in Montana.

It's a beautiful place anytime.
But, we were lucky enough to be there in Autumn.


Happy Gardening...

Monday, October 6, 2014

Back Home...

We've been on a trip.
A 5,042 mile trip.


I took LOTS of photos....sometimes through a not-so-clean windshield.


We drove through areas where snow gets pretty deep.
The above natural 'snow fences', are prettier than the giant wooden ones
along much of the highways up there.

While we were gone, there was some rain.

And, some wind.  
The top of one tree fell onto limbs of another and they came
crashing down.  How it missed the bottle tree, I don't know.

The tree guy came out and took care of it.

This is the tree that was hit by lightning a few years ago.
It needed some trimming back at the top.
We were going to have this done when we got back.
It's a 'trash tree'...a Chinaberry...but, it helps shade the porch.

We trust this tree guy.  He thinks it'll be ok.

The new fenced area really grew.

The Lantana really took off.  And, took over this bed.
Hmmm....maybe I need more room.

The Hyacinth Bean on the veggie fence really took off, too.

Maybe that's why nothing much else than weeds, are doing
well there.  Between the vines and the ever growing
Live Oaks on the other side, there is more and more shade.

There is a lot of clean-up to do.
We missed the 'sawdust' pollen fall of the Cedar Elms.
Well....there was that clean-up.
Now, we have the seed fall.
Leaves will be right behind.

We had a busy weekend.
Out of town guests, football and soccer games 
and, a concert in San Antonio.

St. Mary's Lake, Glacier NP

So, I'm just going to sit at my computer and edit photos.

The clean-up will still be there, when I get to it.
Those pesky garden fairies never show up.

I'll show you some more beautiful scenery soon.

Happy Gardening...