Wednesday, February 8, 2017

You Can't Always Get What You Want...

This has been a wild ride winter.

We've yo-yoed back and forth, from cold to hot,
and back to cold.

It's been confusing to our bodies,
and our gardens.

One day recently, the morning started at 28F degrees,
and ended at 88F degrees.

Really? Sixty degrees?


Shortly before that, we were below freezing for over 38 hours.

It turned the nice, focal-point agave above... this.

In fact, all of this same kind of agave...
I THINK it's Americana...
were turned to mush.

I trimmed it up.
Maybe it'll come back.  
I'm giving it a while to try.

The Bicolor Iris was burned back,
but I trimmed it, and it's coming back.

A lot of things burned back,
are already coming back.
Maybe to soon...

I'll wait a while to trim this Sago Palm.
Hopefully it'll come back.
It moved down here with us, so it should be huge.
These winters keep knocking it back.

I'm waiting on the Oleanders, too.
They'll come back.

We had some high, high winds a few weeks ago, too.
No big limbs down, but lots of small ones.
It sounded like someone throwing rocks on the roof.

We stayed under cover.

Then, there was the clean up.  There were several cart loads.

But, one good thing is this rosemary blooming for the first time.

Happy things and sad things.

Happy with our new great grandson.

Sad that we lost our neighbor across the street.

He fought the good fight, against cancer, knocking it back once.
But, this time it won.
He was one of the good guys.
He was 89.

Things go on...
in the garden, and in life.

I hope all is good, wherever you are.

Happy Gardening...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Let Me Introduce to You....

Recently, I mentioned we had a 
Great Grandson 
on the way.

meet Roen Oliver.

I think you can say, 
we are proud.

Life is Good...

Friday, January 20, 2017

A Peaceful Transition...

I've always been proud of the fact,
that after a hard fought campaign,
with many ugly words thrown around,
we, as Americans, can have
a "transition of power",
without war.

May it always be so...

God Bless America...

Friday, January 13, 2017

Hello, Again....

Halfway through January, already.

It's been fun.

Today it's 75 degrees.
Last Friday, we didn't get above freezing.
A few days before that, it was 85.

Too crazy a ride.

This was the morning it was 13.
If you look closely, you can see the ice at the edges.
We were in the 60s by afternoon.

All this makes gardening here verry interesting.....

I took this photo before the freeze.
It's worse now.
But, as you can see, the deer have done their thing.

My fault...
I should have put wire around it.
I usually do.  But, I let myself get lazy.
The bucks didn't seem to have velvet on their antlers, to wipe off.

And, you just can't cage everything.
They messed this one up, too.
Worse now, since the freeze.

And, this one...
they chomped it.  AFTER they moved this piece of wire off.
I put it back.  So far, they've left it alone.

I won't show you the lovely frozen plants in the rest of the yard.

I'm not sure what to go ahead and cut back. 
That might make them put on new growth,
and I know we're not done with cold weather.

I'll cut a couple of the agaves back, and try to keep them alive.

So, I'll just show you one of our Christmas gifts from our Son's family.

Pretty, huh?

It twirls in both directions.

We put a solar spotlight on it.

A nice view from the porch, on these warm evenings.

We got another garden gift from our Daughter's family.
There is some assembly required.
So, we'll show you that later.

And, oh....

This is our oldest granddaughter.
These two here, under the Wimberley Trail of Lights big tree,
are giving us a GREAT grandson, in just a few days.

We are truly blessed.

Hope your holidays were happy also.
This year is going to be a good one.

Stay safe and warm.
Seems we'll be warm, here.

Happy Gardening...