Tuesday, July 14, 2015

These Guys Broke the Mold...

We had a lot of rain this spring.
Days of rain and clouds, and very little sunshine, to dry things out.

Everything became green...
including the driveway, the deck....everything.

The driveway developed a thick slime.
And, after I slid and bruised my tailbone on Father's Day,
going out for the paper,
our daughter and son-in-law came to power wash.

We have a circular drive.

So...dear son-in-law...who has no 'off' button...spent over 
washing away the slime.

The slime was thick, and it was slow-going. 

But now, it almost looks like a new driveway.
If I fall now, it'll have to be blamed on something else.

They left the powerwasher for Mr P to use on the deck.  
It was pretty black and moldy.
Amazing how just water can wash that away.

I thought the porch wasn't quite that bad.
But, up against the clean, you can see it had to be done, too.

The older generation doesn't work as fast, but it's finally done.
We just have to seal the wood now, and it should be good for a while.

Sitting here this morning with my coffee, I'm loving the clean.

And, as an extra bonus....it smells so much better.

Life is good today....

Happy Gardening...

Monday, June 22, 2015


The garden here has been well behind others in the area.
We had a hard frost right at the end of February, that set things way back.

At first, I thought maybe the Daylilies were going to take the year off.
No signs at all of buds coming up.

But lately, they've been showing some blooms. 

Here are a few:

Chicago Star...a large, seven inch bloom.

My favorite, Fair Country Winds.

Pandora's Box

Pardon Me...this one used to be red. Not sure what happened.

There are more, just starting to bud. They all need to be moved to more sun.

It's good to see their pretty faces, in the midst of all our recent rain.
Lights up the day a little.

Hope your days are going well.

Happy Gardening...

Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Father's Day....

I've posted before about the fathers in my life, here.

My feelings for these men haven't changed.

They're all very special people.

But, this is the guy I see the most.

A great father and grandfather...a great partner in life.

I wish all the fathers out there a very

Happy Father's Day...

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Power of Water...

By now, you've probably heard that there was a flood in
Wimberley, Texas,

There was a lot of damage....destruction...along the 
Blanco River.

I've shown you the beauty of that river before.

The giant Cypress trees turn beautiful colors in fall.

And, under most conditions, the river flows gently along.

But, Saturday night of Memorial Day Weekend, it turned into a monster.

We hadn't had much rain that day. We've had lots of rain here, but that day
wasn't bad, in our area.

But, to the west, in Blanco, it rained a foot of rain, in a short time.
All that water went into the river, and the river rose thirty feet
in less than an hour.

Houses that had stood solid for fifty or sixty years with no flooding,
were no match for this tsunami.
Debris...houses, cars, trees, boulders...came rushing down,
washing away everything in its path.

People's homes were damaged, destroyed, or simply washed away.

People lost their lives.

internet image. source unknown.

The deluge topped this bridge by at least ten feet.

The beautiful Cypress trees, which have stood for hundreds of years, 
were bowed over and shredded.

We pray for those who have lost so much.
We hope for them the strength it will take to get through all this.
We do what we can to help, with funds, time and energy.

Meanwhile...this small town of Wimberley is still 
A Little Bit of Heaven.

Stay safe...
God Bless...