Monday, July 20, 2009

And the Thunder Rolled......

and, the wind blew dark rain clouds across the Wimberley Valley. Thunder sounds different here in this Valley. A deep, rumbling sound. A sound we haven't gotten to hear enough times, yet.
But, again, no rain fell. Oh, rain came to the north. And, rain came to the south, and to the west , and to the east. But, for some reason, rain keeps evading us here.
Things are so very dry. The veggies have quit....except for some cucumbers. But, they're bitter. I worry most about the trees. This is the second year they've been without adequate rainfall.
We have a 'chance' of rain today, and another tomorrow. Then, the sering heat is supposed to return.
Let's hope the weather systems change up soon, and we get some rain.... for the trees, and for the critters.....and, for all the rest of us.
We're longing for the thunder roll......


  1. we are waiting here. my cukes are so bitter we can't eat them at all. i'm seriously considering just pulling them and starting over for the fall. even the peppers are not flowering.

    we do need rain badly...

  2. It looked like there was hope for parts of TX getting rain...A tropical storm that moves slowly across the state is greatly needed! Wonderful photos...gail

  3. I hope you are hearing news or seeing signs of some rain! It must be hard right now. We are supposed to have thunderstorms all week;-( I'm not really lovin' those either! Perhaps I can package a couple up and mail 'em to ya?!!

  4. Hi, to all. We did get a TINY bit of rain, yesterday evening. Not enough to completely wet the deck. Lots of noise and lightning (also scary with things so dry). Hoping for some more rain today.

    Cat..Things in my garden are just holding on by a thread. I'm thinking it all should just come out and ready for fall.

    Gail, Jan, and Hocking Hills...we all wish you could package up some of your rain, and send it here.

    Thanks to all for stopping by.


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