Friday, July 24, 2009

Need Some Cheese With That Whine???

As you may know, we're having a bit of a drought problem, here in Central Texas. There was a little rain around the area this last week. But, right here at our house, in Wimberley, Texas, USA.....nothing. Oh, we had the clouds....we had the wind....and the thunder did roll down our valley...three nights in a row. But, this house....maybe we had seven drops. What's up with that???

I have to tell a gardener, I am pretty frustrated with the whole thing.

But, this morning, when I was checking out some of my favorite blogs, I came to Caroline's post at The Shovel-Ready Garden. She reminded us all to 'Look Closely', and see what's good in the garden....not what's burned to a crisp.

So, I grabbed my camera and went out to look closely.

There, right outside the door, is the plumbago. It is blooming its heart out right now.

And a Cyclamen, blooming since Christmas. I thought these were cool weather plants.
And, the Candy Lily...blooming, even though it's been moved three times since March! The Bulbine, that I love, and probably needs a bigger pot. The basket of heat and sun loving Verbena.
A basket of Calibrachoa, hanging on the veggie garden fence.
Purple Heart and this succulent I don't know the name of, hanging inside, on the veggie garden fence.
The Malabar Spinach....which I understand could take over the whole place.
And, last.....a weed (I don't know its name, either), growing in a pot of liriope that I've given up on. No watering here, at all. And, there are more things blooming here, than I took time to photograph.

Yesterday, we broke a string of 100+ degree days, at sixteen in a row. The temperature stayed in the 90s. It's going back up today, but, the forecast has some chance of rain next week.

Caroline is right!! Things are looking up.

So, whether you're here in crispy Central Texas, or somewhere in the soggy Northeast, go out there and see what beauty you have, if you just 'Look Closely'.

Have a great weekend. I have to go water.


  1. The weed looks like purslane.

  2. That is great advice. I can't imagine that heat, hope you get some rain. We are having the dryest summer in over 100 years here, and things are looking a bit crisp too.

  3. Linda your plumbago is so pretty. The blue is wonderful. Hope you get some rain soon. We are usually into a drought by this time of the year but it has been cooler here and we are getting enough rain to keep things going. Your Purple Heart is so pretty also.Have a great weekend.

  4. I love the plumbago! Last year here in rural south central Virginia we had drought; this year, one of the wettest Julys on record. Talking weather is a local hobby among gardeners. Good luck with your garden!

  5. I believe your 'weed' is purslane. I'm in VA and the stems are reddish. I'm unsure what variety may be in your region. Double-check it. If it is purslane, it is not only edible, but full of nutrients. I wrote a blog post on it and cook w/ purslane when I get a nice clump or two.

    The blue plumbago is drop-dead GORGEOUS!!


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