Monday, June 22, 2015


The garden here has been well behind others in the area.
We had a hard frost right at the end of February, that set things way back.

At first, I thought maybe the Daylilies were going to take the year off.
No signs at all of buds coming up.

But lately, they've been showing some blooms. 

Here are a few:

Chicago Star...a large, seven inch bloom.

My favorite, Fair Country Winds.

Pandora's Box

Pardon Me...this one used to be red. Not sure what happened.

There are more, just starting to bud. They all need to be moved to more sun.

It's good to see their pretty faces, in the midst of all our recent rain.
Lights up the day a little.

Hope your days are going well.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Very nice collection. My day lilies are looking pretty good this year thanks to all the rain. The only thing not looking so good are some of my cactus, but I guess that's a small price to pay to see everything so green.

  2. Pretty colors. It is a good thing you have them protected from them the deer because they would make a dessert for them.

  3. Linda your collection of day lilies is so beautiful. Here on the other side of the ocean daylilies are not yet that far, this morning I saw the first flower.
    Wish you happy gardening!

  4. What a gorgeous variety of Day Lilies. These have been on my plant wish list for some time now. This is the quintessential flower of summer for me:)


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