Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chilly Today.....

We had a few hours of Winter.

Yes....20F degrees.  It had been 19F, when I pushed the button on the coffee maker.

This monitor is on the window sill, in the kitchen.  That's why it shows so cold inside.

It'll warm up later.  And, I'll have a lot of mushy plants to clean up.

Hope you're keeping warm.



  1. !!!!!

    I was 19F, my coldest by far. At least like me, I remember you had a light frost or two a couple weeks ago, but with how warm you got that we don't, I hope that was not a major shock to everything.

  2. I think last night was colder than the night before. I thought I'd escaped the worst but there were a few mushy plants this morning. Oh well, it happens. But I sure was enjoying those late flowering perennials and so were the pollinators! You were for sure a lot colder than we were ... brrrr.

  3. Your low temps easily beat mine. Brrr...that's cold. My tomatoes froze, but I was a little surprised to see many plants still hanging in there. I'm happy to head back to the 70's for the weekend.

  4. That was chilly. I need one of those thermometers. Santa please!


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