Thursday, February 18, 2010

Making Some Progress...

Side yard before fence.

We've been in this house, a bit over a year.  The first six months were dedicated to remodeling the inside.  There were a few feable attempts to redo the yard last year.  The heat and drought took their toll.

Fenced yard before Rio.
We have deer issues here.  And, we had a drainage issue.  We had a fence keep the deer out and the dog in.

The Rio

Then, we had a drainage/dry creek installed.  We call it The Rio.

We still had some water-flow issues.

So, we had an extention added to The Rio, outside the back gate.

That gave us an opportunity to dig in the dirt.  So, Mr. P. and I did just that.  He dug, I cleaned out the grass, and we made a nice bed.

So, here we are.  I've moved some plants from other, less sunny areas.

There are two Autum sages, salvia greggii....a Jerusalem sage, Phlomis fruticosa...and, a newly bought Mexican Feather Grass, Nasella tenuissima.  I also threw in a 4" Damianita, Chrysactinia mexicana.
I still have to mulch and trim the Autumn Sage. 

That was yesterday.  Everything was still there this morning, even with some curious deer visitors.  They don't like these...but, that doesn't mean they won't pull it up.  So far, so good.

Things are moving along here.  Now, I can start on the next bed...and then, the one after that, and.......

The sun is shining and it's beautiful outside.  I need to get back out there and dig some more.

Hope you're having a nice day, wherever you are.


  1. I love before and afters! And I am jealous you are out getting your hands dirty. Our ground is froze solid after 7 inches of snow...and they are calling for freezing rain this weekend. I love your Maggie too, fur babies are very welcome in my garden too.


  2. Stunning fence. After I saw the puppy, I didn't hear what else you said.

  3. Now that you have lived there a year, you can tell where the drainage problems are and how best to take care of them. I love your dry creek and look forward to seeing your transformation of your outside spaces.

  4. Hi, Everybody~~
    Maggie is quite the 'helper'. IF you like somebody digging up what you

    Some of the drainage is still a problem. It doesn't look like we live at the bottom of a hill...but, it seems we do. The 'Rio' helped on one side. Now, we have to figure out the other side.

    We're putting in gutters. That is, if the guy finally gets here. We're trying to get used to small town time schedules.

    Today was another great day, digging another bed. Now, a hot shower and some asprin, are in order. Old bones and shovels are an interesting mix.

    Happy gardening.

  5. Linda - I love your place and the way you captured the before and after in photos. Love the Rio - reminds me of my attempt to address drainage dilemmas! It all looks so pretty after your work.

  6. Lovely! And you're gaining butterfly habitat too.

    It will be fun to follow your new gardens.

  7. We have been planning some dry creek beds for the many "RIOS" we have around here. So nice to see how you have laid them out, they are very attractive.


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