Monday, February 1, 2010


Well, we’re back from Vegas.  We had a great time….visited with friends, celebrated birthdays and had some fun.

The ‘Girls’ took a ride to The Strip, to see the new City Center complex.  It’s a huge place, with several buildings.  Way too modern for me, but there were some interesting water features.
aria front fountain
This wall of water was my favorite.  I hope you can see the scale of it.  There is water running on a constant basis.

aria front fountain 2
But, it slows, then surges again, to give this curtain falling effect.  Grasses and cyclamen are planted in front.

 bellagio horse
The best part of the ‘Strip Trip’, was the Chinese New Year display at the Bellagio.

bellagio chinese man A garden set up, with the symbols of good luck.

bellagio chinese man 2This giant Chinese gentleman, standing on golden coins.

bellagio chinese tiger
  This is the year of the tiger.

bellagio chinese lanterns
I loved the red lanterns.  Red and yellow are colors of good luck.

bellagio chinese pandas These pandas were so cute.  They’re covered with black mondo grass, and something else I couldn’t identify.

bellagio chinese panda 3

What a cute baby, in the bamboo tree.

bellagio chinese panda 2
And, a large one rolling in this grass.
bellagio chinese orchids

There were orchids everywhere.  I didn’t get good pictures of any but these yellow ones.  Not sure what kind they are.
bellagio chinese bridge
Very pretty, against a ‘Chinese Red’ bridge.

bellagio chinese flowers
I wished there were signs to tell you what things were.  These interesting pink and purple flowers, made a lovely display, beside a pond.  They’re not on the same plant.  Does anyone know what they are?

bellagio chocolate fountain
Just around the corner, is a gelato stand.  This chocolate fountain was at the door.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  It went way up above what is pictured here.

harrah's gamblers

We went down the street to Harrah’s.  No, this is NOT me and Mr. P.

fremont st experience pioneer
We like to stay downtown.  Less distance between hotels. 
fremont st experience nugget
Most have been here for a long time.  The Golden Nugget has been recently remodeled.

nugget lt fixture 2
Colorful light fixtures are all through the building.
nugget pool slide 4
I was quite taken by the pool slide.

nugget pool slide
It goes right through the fish tank, in a clear tube.  Up close and personal with sharks.  Not my kind of ride.  (Sorry for the blurry pics.)

fremont st experience 2
Back out on Fremont Street, it’s a festival every night, for the Fremont Street Experience.
fremont st experience 3
Every hour, on the hour, there is a musical light show, on the 90 ft. high canopy, that spans several blocks.
fremont st experience
It’s a different show every hour.
fremont st experience painter 3
There are kiosks, selling jewelry, souvenirs, etc.  We stopped to watch this young man do paintings with spray paint.  Spray it on, scrape it off….
fremont st experience painter
He does good work.
room view
We had a nice view from our room.
room view 3
Bright lights shining, all night.

Good times, with good friends.  What more could you want?


  1. Looks like you had a fun trip with a lot to see. Those orchids are so pretty and a lot of them! I like the red lanterns too. Lots to see in Vegas!

  2. I'm glad you had a good time in Vegas. The pandas are just adorable!

  3. Can you believe I've never been to Vegas? Thanks for letting me tag along!

  4. I love, love your photos. Especially the ones of the conservatory that turned out much better then my blurry ones ;^) But, I think I like the gold horse best...I do remember that.

  5. Thanks everybody for dropping by.

    Noelle~~Your photos of the orchids were SO much better than mine.
    We have friends who live out there. They go see every new display.

    Caroline~~It's a fun place to visit. Lights, lights, lights....a fantasy land.

    Peggy~~Thanks. Those pandas were really cute. It was all really well done.

    Amy~~Thanks for dropping by. I haven't been by your blog in a while. I LOVE your blog, but somehow my computer gets locked up, when I visit. Your blog is great, and I miss it. I'll try again.

  6. Awesome trip photos! I like that Asian display... It sounds like you had a blast. I am hankering for a little travel myself. Spring break is next month... hmmm

  7. Sounds like a blast. I especially like those walls of water. I've seen that chocolate fountain before - I wanted to swim in it! About those pink and purple flowers, the pink ones are some type of bromeliad but I can't really tell about the purple ones.

  8. Looks like you had a fabulous time. I loved seeing your pix of the water features. Nothing is as mesmerizing as falling water. Except maybe a chocolate fountain...


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