Wednesday, February 3, 2010

While we were away..... rained a little.  The rain gauge...we have one of those remote things....said 1.5 inches.  I don't think it read right.  It had to be more than that.  And, it had to be hard and fast.  It washed down the yard...over the side of the drain.

It washed the sand from under the stepping stones, outside the gate. 

Made a nice pile of dirt and sand, don't you think?

Grass clippings and leaves, piled up against the fence and gate.  The dammed up water then flowed between the fence post and gate, washing out the decomposed granite....

...right down to the liner.

It washed grass clippings...probably from the golf course, across the street....up against the fence in the bed.  It made a nice mulch for the freeze damaged Inland Sea Oats.

And, piles of leaves, grass and mulch, piled up against the back gate and fence.

So, I spent our first day home taking out rocks, shoveling sand and dirt and granite, back where it belongs.   Then, putting the rocks back....ugh.   All that time and energy could have been spent on digging the beds I want, inside and outside the fenced yard. 

Of course, it could've all been worse....

It came up on the garage door.  The bottom seal kept it out on this side.  Not so lucky on the other was deeper there.  But, it didn't get that inch higher that would've brought it onto the front porch, and then, maybe, into the house.  So, we were lucky, after all.

Now, if we can figure out how to keep stuff from damming up the Rio, and making it back up into the driveway.  Or maybe, nothing would've stopped it that time.  It must have really poured.   Our neighbor said it rained 'pretty hard'.  I think so.......


  1. I'm glad the rain didn't make it's way into your garage. It definitely looks like it rained a lot.

  2. We have friends in WACO who just built a new home and the rain there literally washed their new sod into the street. You are very fortunate to have your drain system. But I know the cleaning up had to be a pain.

  3. Wow, that had to be quite forceful and frightening had you been there. Thankfully all is okay.

    I found you thru Blotanical and happy to have done so. Diana

  4. That's really something, isn't it? Amazing how much comes down in a short time here. Aren't you glad you learned this now so you can fix it before you have interior water problems?

    When we moved into our current home, we had a couple of areas of concern, especially knowing that the Hill Country can have cloudbursts of 5+ inches in an hour or two. We used a combo of a hard-packed berm and a dry creek (which we dug with our pickaxes and embedded with rocks we hauled) to handle it. Then we got advice on reworking the dry creekbed. It's been great since, has handled an 8"/2-hour rain so far.

  5. Catherine and Peggy~~Yes, we were lucky, this time.

    Di~~I'm glad you found me. I'll hop on over and check out your blog, too. I've been remiss in checking Blotanical lately. Have to do that, too.

    Kathleen~~Wow! Eight inches. I'm not sure we'd handle that well.

    A neighbor told us recently, that the people we bought this house from, put sand bags across the driveway one year, to divert the water. Nice to find that out AFTER you buy a place. It hasn't flooded the house, though. So guess they were on legal grounds.

    I always have bags of mulch around. They'll work. I'd rather come up with a more permanent solution, though.

    Thanks everybody, for dropping by,

  6. My goodness....there is so much evidence in your yard of how much it rained. I do not hold much stock in what the official rainfall totals - they can differ from place to place. Hopefully, you will be spared from another torrential rainfall.

  7. A gully washer judging by the silt mark and the sand wash out. I looked in my rain gauge and it said 1/2" although the pool showed at least 2" ( I was gone) That was when I realized the rain gauge, made of plastic, was cracked at the 1/2" mark. I was wondering why we always had 1/2" and no more! Duh. We have the same problem with granite and sand washing from the path under the gate. I just have to do the same as you and shovel it back.

  8. Geez, no kidding, that was "pretty hard". It never seems to rain the right amount for us gardeners, does it?


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