Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This and That....First Tuesday in June....

Welcome to June.

Seems we've fallen right into Summer.
Hot and Humid.

We did have some more rain, a few days ago.
Three quarters of an inch in the rain barrels.

It would be nice, if this rain every week or so would keep up.
I'm not going to count on it, though.

But, the plants are really loving it.

The Fenced Yard is doing better and better.

Things are beginning to fill in.

I'm hoping this combination lives up to my vision.

My plan is a lush FULL bed.

A lot of these plants are 'Deer Resistant'.

Not here!!!

At least they can't get to them through the fence.

This Lantana is in the front Island Bed.
So far, there are still blooms on it.
The deer don't seem to like the gold-colored blooms.
They do eat other colors.  At least the do in MY garden.
Other people in the neighborhood don't seem to have that problem.

The daylilies are beginning to bloom.

They're a little slower here.  I've always had evergreen daylilies before.
These are not.  Maybe that's the reason they're slower to bloom.

I'm liking this old, leaking fountain/planter.  It's taking off nicely.

I got two new Talavera pots, for Mother's Day.

My collection is growing.
In fact, I 'need' another one.  A dish size, for some small succulents.

I ran in to King's Feed, looking for one.
They didn't have what I want.  But, I did find a Peter's Purple Monarda.

It's a bit gangly.  But, some little new plants are there, too.
I bought two of these pots.  Now, I have to figure where to put them.
One will go here, where the Philippine Violet didn't make it.
The other one....I don't know yet. 

Now...what do I do with that two foot long stem?  Cut it back?

Yes, I got the joy of doing my civic duty.
See the summons no.?  That gave me good odds for NOT being chosen.
I came home early.

And, finally....everybody's got to believe in something.
I believe in OVER PLANTING pots.
But, hey...you don't have to wait as long to get that FULL look.

'Til next time....

Happy Gardening...


  1. Your garden is looking lovely and lush! I'm so glad we are getting some rain.

    PS I LOVE the first picture. So many cute potted plant ideas here on your blog. I will be "pinning" away:)

    1. This rain has been good, hasn't it. Wish it would keep up. Especially since they just put us in 'modified' Stage 3 watering restrictions.

  2. It's looking very healthy and happy, and so nicely maintained. As in show-quality plants, even the bunny ears cactus. What really shows to me is the nice way you;ve edged the lawn...the lawn edged, with the soil/mulch space between it and the rock border. Clean!

    Here, everything's faded, set to endure June into July!

    1. I like a little order, in the garden. Not sure why. The INside of the house is not that way...lol

  3. I commented then WP ate it. ;) Sorry in advance if you get two comments.

    I love your fence...your rocks...your Mother's Day pots and everything else in-between! How is your Peter's Purple Monarda working out for you? I like the color and I am looking fwd to finding out more.

    1. I just got the Monarda. Planted one in most sunny part of Fenced Yard. The other in more shade. We'll see how each does.

  4. Hi Linda...everything is looking so great! I love your fenced yard. I really like rock edgings (as you know) and yours are wonderful!

    1. Rocks are good. They 'grow' here. So, I can always find more, if want to haul them.

  5. I just can't get over how wonderful your yard looks!!!

    I wanna kiss that dapper doggie on your header! I want to snuzzle his muzzle!

    LOVE those ceramic pots. YUM. and REALLY love that old leaky fountain planter!! I need to look for one of those!

    1. That old fountain turned out to be a good planter. I certainly didn't want it going to the landfill.

  6. I love the leaky fountain planter. perfect combination of plants. I know if you get to a GoGo in the fall someone will have Peter's purple for you. It does get very tall even in full sun, which it loves and the bees love it too. Haven't had a summons for a long time and now I think I am too old! I hope so anyway. Surely you don't have daylilies in deer country. I would have thought they would be snapped up pronto.

    1. My daylilies are all inside the fenced yard. I wouldn't have any, if they weren't protected. They're deer candy.
      I'm thinking we're about the same age....which means we're still eligible until 70.

  7. I hear you on the rain every week thing...would love it, but it would be too much to ask for twice a week wouldn't it?

    Here via Plano Prairie Garden...


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