Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And So It Begins...

Last year I told you about

The Great Ongoing Battle.

The battle between me and the squirrels, to see who gets the tomatoes. we go again.

Earlier this year.

They're already attacking.

I looked out the window, and saw the 'decorations', on the top of the fence.

Clever, huh?

And, the little monsters darlings don't even eat it all!

So, I brought every one I thought would ripen, into the house.
There are more...but, you get the idea.

Some have started to ripen, already.

So much for VINE RIPENED.

Hula Girl is dancing for joy.  We have beaten those pesky squirrels...for now, anyway...
and, she gets to watch over the tomatoes.

Hope you're winning your Garden Battles.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Those silly squirrels have been defeated, for now at least. That should work.

    I have netting over the top of my garden to keep them out. It's smaller than yours though.

  2. Oh how maddening! the squirrels haven't found our tomatoes - yet!

  3. Hi Linda - I'm a new visitor and I just love your blog!

    I have to do the same thing because of squirrels and raccoons and my tomatoes have all ripened inside quite nicely. A few houses down from me there is this beautiful Lychee fruit tree just full of fruit and every morning as I pass there's a "herd" of squirrels fighting for the ripe fruit. They grab the fruit and then jump on the roof to peel and eat it. It's not even my tree but it breaks my heart.

    Your tomatoes look perfect - even if they're a little green. :-)


  4. I can totally empathize with your squirrel problems. My garden littered with half eaten tomatoes. Some with just one nibble or a few scratches. My only solace is that the chickens seem to enjoy whatever the squirrels leave behind, so at least they don't go to waste.

  5. Someone needs to invent a squirrel slapper that could be mounted near the garden! My squirrels have decided to gnaw on EVERY new banana leaf they pop up! Why???? Who knows? I've never felt so sorry for a plant in all my life. I'm going to put tin foil caps around each bud from here on out. Maybe if you put tin foil around the tomatoes you could keep them on the vine longer. Just a thought. No way can I think like a squirrel. And I'd be crazy to try.

  6. The squirrels in my yard always eventually win our battles. I suppose they can expend all their time and energy undoing whatever I try to do and I am only consumed with anti-squirrel frenzy now and again. Danged critters. It ALMOST is like they are taunting you with those tomato ornaments up top, isn't it?


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