Saturday, July 31, 2010


How different, this year has been.  The view above, was what we had, this time last year.  We had been blessed with less than an inch of rain, in six weeks...with record number of days, of record high temperatures.  It was a bit dry.

To say it's better this year, would be a vast understatement.

I stepped out in the yard, to get a better view of the sun behind this grass.  I'm not sure what kind of grass this is.  It looks like a fountain grass of some kind.

It's very pretty to me.  Especially, in the early evening, with the sun behind it.

The deer don't eat these grasses. 

They're ever present, though.  You can almost hear their thoughts.....'Is she bringing us something?'

I turned around, and here is our least cautious doe..a mother of two.  She'll come almost close enough for you to touch her.  She's always hoping for a hand-out.
She has a crooked leg.  Not sure how that happened.
So, Mr. P. named her Eilean....he's such a comedian.

But, I guess I'll keep him, anyway.

Happy Gardening...


Friday, July 23, 2010

An Orchid...

Orchids amaze me.  They have a lasting beauty that seems almost artificial....made of wax.  But, it's real.

I was given this Phalaenopsis, several years ago, by my son and his family.  It has bloomed faithfully every year.  I have several others.  But, they bloom when...or if...they feel like it.  And, not yet this year.

These blooms started coming on, at the end of April.  Here we are, toward the end of July, and they're still beauties.  The long-lasting blooms are...well...amazing.

One day soon, they'll begin to wither and the blooms will drop.  They'll lose that waxiness, and turn to tissue paper.  Sometimes, it seems they do this over night.

Until then, we'll enjoy this beauty.  And, hope it's sisters decide they'll give us a show this year, too.

Have a great weekend.  And...

Happy Gardening...


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Foliage Follow Up....July 2010

Summer time...and the livin' is.....HOT.
But, the foliage in my garden seems to not mind too much. Pam at Digging, brings us together to show off our foliage every month. And, I love foliage.
I love the way, right here in Central Texas, I can give corners of my garden a Tropical feel.
Even things like Castor Bean, can give you that feeling.
banana tree Mr. P. can order up some tropics, and have it show up on the front porch. Mr. P. loves to order things and have them show up on the front porch.
Or, you can have the desert in your garden.
Golden Barrel Cactus
Artichoke agave
Cool colored agave leaves, looking like a flower....
But...don't get too close.
Persian Shield and coleus
And, all those colors!
Powis Castle artimisia
There are cool colors...
Jeruselem sage
bright green pineapple sage
And, hot colors.
There are plants, with basically the same name, that are different colors and textures.
Dark and bright sweet potato
And, some look like they've been touched up with a paint brush.
oyster plant
banana leaf
The leaves of a fig tree, can be beautiful.
Even though it's planted WAY too close to the house. All the little figs fell off, again this year.
Foliage is there...cooling things off and giving the garden texture and interest, even when the blooms are slow to show up....or, there isn't enough sun to make some blooms.
Do you love foliage as much as I do? Be sure to go over to Pam's and see some more.
Happy Gardening...

Garden Bloggers' Bloomday...July 2010

Well, after a cooler and wetter than normal June, we've come around to 'Real Summer', here in Central Texas.  The heat has set in.

Things are looking pretty good, though.  The sweet potato basket on the front fence, is growing nicely.

With a little pop of color from some purslane.

'Happy Returns'

Some of the daylilies are doing well.  Some, will have to be moved this fall.  Just not enough light for them where they are.
'Pardon Me'

The Impatiens like the shortage of sun.

As do, these a hanging basket, too high for deer nibblers.

These do fine with some mid-day sun.

This bed gets some of that mid-day sun, too.  The Pineapple sage seems to like it here.  I hope it gives us lots of blooms this fall.

The Bougainvillea sits on the rail above.  Doesn't that bloom look like a big piece of watermelon?

The Candy Lily is beginning to give us some blooms.

Red Salvia greggii, is blooming.  I need to cut this one back, for more fall blooms.

Red Salvia coccinea has lots of blooms.  The coral coccinea is between blooms, right now.

This Plectanthus Lavender Mona lived in the guest room all winter.  She seems to be happy, in her new spot.

I took several cutting of this, which rooted very easily.  None are as happy as this one, though.

Rudbeckia Goldsturm

The Black Eyed Susan is starting to bloom.  It didn't get much chance last year, outside the fence.

And, I finally have a Purple Coneflower.  I gave up on my seed, and just bought a transplant.

I have these Periwinkles scattered around the garden...inside and outside the fence.  The deer generally leave them alone.  And, there are not many blooms, you can say that about.  They ate the blooms off my Butterfly Weed....grrrr...

The Thryallis is putting on a lot of blooms.  I babied this plant a LOT over our hard winter.  I think it's saying 'Thank you'.

This morning glory just showed up in the fenced yard.  It looks suspiciously like one that took over my old garden.  Maybe a stray seed made it down here.  It didn't show up last year, though.

I had a few okra seeds left in a package.  I planted them in a flower bed.  They make pretty plants.
This one is about to give us a bloom.  They're way behind in height, for this time of year.  That could be the lack of sun, as well.

Out in the veggie garden, the cucumbers are still blooming. 

A red verbena, in a basket on the fence, is putting on some blooms.

I planted a package of Zinnia seed that called itself 'mixed'

And, that's what I got.  They make nice cut flowers for the house.  But, next time, I might be more picky.

Despite the rain we had last week, things had dried out enough to need the sprinkler.  I'm afraid that will be the pattern for a while.  After all....summer's finally here.

What's blooming in your garden?  If you want to see other Bloomday posts, go over to Carol's at May Dreams Garden.

Happy Gardening...