Thursday, July 15, 2010

Foliage Follow Up....July 2010

Summer time...and the livin' is.....HOT.
But, the foliage in my garden seems to not mind too much. Pam at Digging, brings us together to show off our foliage every month. And, I love foliage.
I love the way, right here in Central Texas, I can give corners of my garden a Tropical feel.
Even things like Castor Bean, can give you that feeling.
banana tree Mr. P. can order up some tropics, and have it show up on the front porch. Mr. P. loves to order things and have them show up on the front porch.
Or, you can have the desert in your garden.
Golden Barrel Cactus
Artichoke agave
Cool colored agave leaves, looking like a flower....
But...don't get too close.
Persian Shield and coleus
And, all those colors!
Powis Castle artimisia
There are cool colors...
Jeruselem sage
bright green pineapple sage
And, hot colors.
There are plants, with basically the same name, that are different colors and textures.
Dark and bright sweet potato
And, some look like they've been touched up with a paint brush.
oyster plant
banana leaf
The leaves of a fig tree, can be beautiful.
Even though it's planted WAY too close to the house. All the little figs fell off, again this year.
Foliage is there...cooling things off and giving the garden texture and interest, even when the blooms are slow to show up....or, there isn't enough sun to make some blooms.
Do you love foliage as much as I do? Be sure to go over to Pam's and see some more.
Happy Gardening...


  1. What an excellent array of textures and foliage colors... it won't be long and I'll be celebrating foliage as well, as I don't maintain a lot of bloom after August... Larry

  2. Lovely! Your foliage is a banquet of texture and color.

    The golden barrel cactus photo is one to frame and hang. Gorgeous!

    I've never seen oyster plant before. Love the white edging on the leaves.

    I enjoyed this peek at your garden.

  3. You have a fabulous collection of foliage plants, Linda! I always wish for caladiums when I see them on other blogs. They are visually cooling, aren't they?

  4. Hi Linda,

    Things are looking great in your garden. The coleus are one of my favorites!
    Keep cool. I cannot complain about our heat after reading your temps!

  5. The world would be a mostly ugly place were it not for the beautiful greens and other colors that foliage provides. And besides the colors, the wind rustling through leaves is such a peaceful, reassuring sound. Yay, foliage! Your plants looks so lovely, Linda!

  6. Hello Linda your garden is really a foliage showcase with wonderful textures and colours especially all those different coleus - that pink one in particular is very eyecatching. :) Rosie

  7. What a great collection of foliage! Bright, "painted," silver, tropical, desert... I love them all. :)

  8. Thanks everyone for dropping by.

    I love flowers, but foliage is maybe my favorite. You can depend on it, for color, texture and interest.

    And, since I have a lot of shade, that's a real plus.

  9. Lovely Linda! I love all of your foliage but especially that yummy agave. :-)

  10. Hi Linda! The weather might be hot, but the foliage in your garden is cool, cool, cool! I love so many things which you showed, but the agave, persian shield, banana leaf and castor bean are the coolest. I always wanted to get a castor bean plant, but people told me how poison it was. I also wanted to tell how great your pictures are.Their quality is outstanding!

  11. Hi Linda,

    Your beautiful photos show so clearly that flowers are only part of a beautiful garden. Foliage is the backbone and is sometimes the attention getter like many of your beautiful pictures show :-)


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