Saturday, July 3, 2010

America the Beautiful

 Chimney Rock, Nebraska

 Oh Beautiful,
For spacious skies,

North Dakota

 For Amber waves
of grain.

Mount Hood, Oregon...from airplan window

 For Purple mountain

North Dakota

Above the Fruited plain!

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

America! America!
Shed His grace on thee,

And crown thy Good,
with Botherhood...

Sunset off Alaskan coast

From Sea to shining

God Bless America!

Have a safe, and happy
4th of July!!!


  1. What a wonderful and patriotic post! You have truly shown the U.S. at its finest. Happy Independence Day!

  2. OMG! Absolutely incredible photographs! You are a great photographer!

  3. GORGEOUS pictures, Linda! I especially love the Mount Hood photo. Thanks for sharing these.

  4. What a great pictorial documentary of your trip. Isn't it amazing how beautiful the country is up there and so different from our beautiful country here. It really looked like they could use some more trees. Ash Juniper maybe?

  5. Thank you all, for your kind words.

    This country does have some beautiful places.

    The view of Mount Hood was amazing. You could see it for a long way...the top peeking through the clouds.

    And yes, Bob...they could really use some trees in South and North Dakota. There's so much water up there, they might even put up with the Ash Juniper.

    But, as our daughter says, they don't need trees in the middle of their crops. Guess she has a point.

  6. Quite simply, a beautiful and patriotic post with gorgeous photos.

  7. What a really beautiful post! We sure do live in a beautiful country. I hope one day to see more of it.

  8. Oh Linda,

    I wish I had read your post sooner. Is is so inspiring and fits the holiday so perfectly :-)


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