Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another New Neighbor...

So, we were sitting down to lunch, when Mr. P. looked out into the Deer Grove and saw something.  I thought it looked like a cat....stumbling along.  I got the every-ready-bird-watching binoculars, and saw this little guy.  He was stumbling over to some higher weeds, to hide out.

He's brand new.  The mother was nowhere to be seen.  I'm not as close as it seems in the picture.  I used the zoom.  He's very tiny....about the size if Miss Maggie....she's ten pounds.

A couple hours later, he was gone.  Maybe Mama came, and led him to a safer place.  I hope. 

That will make at least eight babies, just on our short block.  This could be a bumper year.

Oh, Deer.....


  1. Naughty but cute. You have had so many fawns....they must really be attracted to your yard.
    I have had squirrels en masse, they are wreaking havoc on the bulbs.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Oh my darling. My kids would be absolutely thrilled to see 'Bambi' in our back garden :-)


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