Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wildlife at the Watering Hole....

August, already.
I'm joining Tina over at 
Wildlife Wednesday.

My contribution this month, 
is short and sweet.

It's getting hot. 
That's normal, for this time of year in Texas.

So, our different 'watering holes' here,
are getting a lot of customers.

We fill a galvanized tub with water, for the different creatures.
The most often customers are the deer.

But, a birdbath comes in handy, on a hot, humid afternoon.

Birds actually come to the birdbaths, too.
We have three birdbaths, and a fountain that the birds really like.
It's just too hot to sit out there to get a shot.

This big guy shows up at the tub, too.

It's almost time to 'cage' some plants.
These guys like to rub that velvet off their antlers.
It really can mess up an agave or yucca.

Be sure to visit Tina, for more 
Wildlife Wednesday.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Love the photo of the squirrel. Ha! Too cute!!!

  2. Those a great shots, Linda! That squirrel--I know people hate them, but I find them charming and wonderfully silly. And the deer--the young adorable spotted one and that handsome buck--so lovely (I know--destructive too!). Thanks for allowing them access to water--they need it this time of year.

  3. I spotted a squirrel splayed out on the front walk in the shade yesterday so I guess that was his best shot at getting cool.

    That's a good-sized buck and it is time to get some cages out there.

  4. These photos are amazing, I love the deer, but the squirrel hanging over the bird bath is such a cutie.

  5. Outstanding photos! The squirrel is too charming for words.

  6. These photos are great - I guess everybody has their own routines for beating the Texas heat. I have a small sumac fenced off our front - everything else is subject to antler rubbing. I always lose a few agave leaves but if the bucks are brave enough to risk those spikes I say go for it!

  7. Great photos! The fawn is adorable and the squirrel is hilarious! I love how he is just splayed out in the bird bath. You can just see how uncomfortable he is in the heat!

  8. Really nice pics, Linda. Is it time already to cage our yuccas and agaves? sigh.


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