Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Sometimes, I'd just like to throw in the towel.

Two of three of these Yucca Color Guard,
have been CHOMPED!

Maybe we need more metal plants, concrete yard art....
a GUN?

Nope...can't shoot them.  Just would like to.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Such a shame of the Yuccas. In the meantime, I know all about it, this spring rabbits appeared in the garden, I should like to shoot them, but I can´t........When I come outside and see them nibbling my plants, they mostly eat the flowers and buds, they make funny jumps and run away in the border under the foliage. SIGH...

  2. Oh Linda! What a shame! I understand your frustration - it is especially confounding when the deer leave something alone for a long run and just when you are convinced it is safe you come out and find it chomped. I've come to the conclusion the only safe plants here are the ones behind the fence. Deer bugs (as I've come to think of them) are the very worst!

  3. I hate that for you, Linda. Between animals my son and mom-in-law deciding what needs to mowed down, floods, hail, etc, I feel your pain. I know you will persevere!

  4. They chomped 1 of my 2, they really need to start reading up on what they aren't supposed to like.

  5. Oh, man--that's a drag. That must be so frustrating to have something that you think is safe from those cute, but marauding deer, then realize it's not safe. Onward through the deer. And drought. And early or late freezes. Etc......

  6. They've been nibbling on one of my 'Margaritaville' yuccas again. I fear they'll decide all my yuccas are fair game. It doesn't seem fair to have to deal with deer on top of all the other challenges of gardening under the Death Star, does it?

  7. I too have trouble with the deer eating my yuccas...can you transplant them? I would like to move them into my fenced garden, but will they make the move?

    1. Hi,
      I've found that Yuccas usually transplant pretty well.
      Good luck.


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