Friday, July 18, 2014

A Real Vineyard...

The last time we met, I showed you the progress of the 
grapevine.  After several years, it put on fruit.

We harvested.  All THREE bunches.

We ate a few of them.  But, they are really wine grapes, not table grapes.
Pretty acidy....if that's a word.

But, on last Sunday, we went to a private tour of a real vineyard.

Five years ago, when we moved here, we joined the wine club at

It's just down the road a bit.  And, we like wine.
We agreed to take a quarterly 'shipment' of three bottles of wine.
A hardship, I know.  But, we did it.

They have a 'Pick-Up Party' each time, so locals...or any member who wants to...
can come to the winery and pick up their 'shipment'.
Entertainment and some snacks and wine.

We recently received an invitation to take a complementary tour of the vineyard,
followed by a box lunch....and, of course, wine.

It just so happened to occur on the hottest day we've had all summer.
But, it was worth it.

Gary Elliot, owner and wine maker, led the tour.
He knows his stuff....and, loves his job.

He talked about planting, pruning and the watering, 
that goes into growing wine grapes in Texas.

There are new acres, recently planted, but doing well.
The watering is done with drip emitters. 

Drops fall on each side of the vine.
It takes a bit of water.  Right now, they're taking it out of a creek that
flows through the property.
Soon, it may have to come from wells, which makes it harder, because
of the calcium in the water that clogs the emitters.


Grapes 'mist' themselves, through their leaves, especially when the nights stay warm.
This uses even more water.


The welcome rains we've had this spring have certainly helped.


I asked about the later freeze we had this spring.
Gary said he has giant fans (sorry, I didn't get a photo), that he uses to 
blow the cold air up away from the ground.
It must have worked.

We gathered under the shade of a Live Oak grove, and had our box lunches
of Muffaletta sandwiches, fruit salad, chips and cookies.

photo quality due to bad focus, not too much wine

And, of course, some Longhorn Red.

By the way....we told Gary about our grapevine.
He said we're the first ones he's heard that got one to live,
much less make fruit.
We must have done something special.

Well...we planted and watered it.
Not all that special.  But, it worked.

Have a great weekend, and...

Happy Gardening...


  1. Sounds fun! Being on your side of the world, I should think about joining one of the many wineries too.

  2. Good tour, it was fun to see how they irrigate the grape vines in the somewhat tough environs of Central Texas. Their grapes are neatly pruned too. I planted two grapevines this year. One is called "1400" and is a table grape developed for our climate and wine grape Blanc du Bois which was shared by a friend. I'm excited to see grapes (eventually).

  3. Lovely shots of the various grapes (and grape lovers). I suppose now you can claim to have a purple thumb!

  4. Good job with your grapes! Thanks for the tour. If it's the winery I think it is, after the tour, drive down RR12 carefully....

  5. Congrats on getting your grape vines to fruit!!! Sounds like quite an accomplishment to me. Now, to find a local winery that we have to support in such difficult and onerous ways.....

  6. Years ago I had a huge 'Thompson Seedless' grape vine, and the neighbor kids liked it even more than tough, but it required some pruning! I remember them misting themselves, too. Your tour sounds great, especially the pick-up events...though that Longhorn Red looks more crimson to my eyes:-)


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