Monday, July 7, 2014


The veggie harvest hasn't been so good here this year.

Everybody around, has been showing their great harvests.

Not here.

Hmmm.....I did something wrong.

We had one nice Celebrity tomato.
It was very good.  It even got to ripen on the vine.
The squirrels must have thought it was too much trouble to go after just one.

But, look!
There are more!
It July.  In Texas.
Maybe our unusually cool weather (no triple digits yet),
have made the difference.

So now, I'm headed out to deal with this.

The squash hasn't done well.
The okra hasn't done well.

But, the cosmos is doing VERY well.

I'll have cosmos for the rest of my life.

How's your garden doing?

I'm headed out to clean up that mess, and plant more seeds.
I'm just hard headed enough not to give up.

Happy Gardening...


  1. I'd already given up trying to grow tomatoes so I'm impressed with your harvest and the promise of more. Taking into consideration the rates we pay for water it was cheaper (and much more reliable) to get tomatoes in our CSA baskets or at the Farmer's Market.

    I'm a sucker for cosmos - I have several of the old throwback giant variety that I'm pretty sure will be popping up here until the end of time. I only have room for one out back and we'll see if I've gotten one to grow out front where it can reseed to its heart's content. So for a little perspective? Whenever and wherever I see a smaller cosmos I rejoice! I think of them as our version of marigolds. I simply cannot get enough of that sunny orange color.

    1. Mr. P says our produce is the most expensive in town. So much goes into producing so little. But, darn it....I want to grow vegetables. Maybe...just maybe...I'll eventually get the message that it's not my forte, and give up.

      These cosmos are the short variety. I used to have the old fashioned tall ones, in our old garden. I prefer the short ones. But, they're all pretty.

  2. Sorry your veggie garden has been a disappointment this year, it happens -- just keep at it! My peppers have been decimated by rats, if that helps :)

    I am jealous of the cosmos, are yours protected? The deer ate mine.

  3. At least your tomato looks unblemished. The stink bugs have been having a really good go at mine. It is a strange year. I have tomatoes still setting and with the heat that is almost impossible. A few peppers and not much else. And yes, Cosmos-everywhere. Bit only the orange ones.


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