Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday....July 2014...

Tina over at  My Gardener Says...
has started a new meme.
She's hosting 
Wildlife Wednesday, 
the first Wednesday of each month.

We have a lot of wildlife here.
From tiny bugs, to large four-legged critters.
There is always an abundance of wildlife.

We're never without the ever present deer.

Among the other four-legged creatures....

This little possum was in the cat's bed, on the porch.

And, the battle with the squirrels continues.
As it does with the raccoons.  Sorry, no photos of them or the armadillos.

There are lots of birds....

Cardinals, and Titmouse (is more than one Titmouse, Titmice?)
and lots of Sparrows....and, more.

A Green Heron, thinking he's hiding.

And this month, we've seen more of the Egytian Geese around.
I think maybe they've decided this might be a good place to live.

And the very efficient clean-up guys...
Black and Turkey Vultures. 

And, this guy wasn't in our garden.
But, we've seen them around here.

This one was in Lake Texana, east of Victoria.
Our daughter and family are camping there, 
and we went down to spend the day.
We didn't see any of the alligators.

But, that's ok. 
 At least we don't have alligators here.

I'll have more to show you next month.
Be sure to visit Tina, and see what others have to show.

What kind of wildlife do you have in your garden?

'Til later...
Take care..


  1. Great shots! That heron (?) with the fish--very cool. And, I'm not surprised at the deer pics-I know they're pests and it's easy for me to say this since I don't have to deal with them, but they're so lovely. Those geese, are they totally new to your area? Interesting.

  2. As far as I know, we don't have deer in my neighborhood...but we do have coyotes occasionally, raccoons (though it's been a few years since i've seen one), possums (I name them all Timmy), squirrels, birds, and feral cats.

  3. Great lineup of wildlife. Squirrels always look so nonchalant while they're stealing food from the birds, and that possum looks kind of cute though whenever I see one in person they freak me out a bit. Those geese are so exotic looking - are they passing through the area? I hadn't heard of them before this. Good to have you join in the Wildlife Wednesday fun!

  4. That possum looked softer, cuter and less smelly than the usual possums! Love the deer pics, too, even though they are pests..

  5. Such a cute picture of the baby deer!!!!!!!! Fun wildlife shots- possums are not my favorites but you posted a pic where they almost seem sweet. haha. Until they hiss at you! ha! Great photos!

  6. That deer looks so cute and all the other wildlife in your garden is great. Also the opossum looks sweet, but I know it is a nuissance, especially in New Zealand, we have seen their hundreds dead on the roads. As a souvenir I have an opossum skin on my chair. You have a lot of interesting animals around you.

  7. That's a great array of wildlife! My favorite photo is the one of the green heron, "hiding" in the tree. An excellent catch. The fawn is so sweet, too, even though (like everybody else) I know what pests deer can be.

  8. These are all lovely shots. I think opossums are cute and that one especially so. I haven't ever seen or heard of an Egyptian goose before -- wow. Did they escape from someone's collection? That sure is a lot of vultures.I always welcome their services. They take care of roadkill faster and better than the city crew does. hahaha

  9. We live in the little town of Blanco. There's a small herd of white-taileds in our neighborhood. Birds galore, Texas spiny lizards, not so many anoles this year, lots of insects and spiders (latter's my fav)..... FUN!


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