Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Battle of the Anoles....

Last night, Mr P was sitting on the porch.
Yep...that's usual.

But, a battle on that porch, was not a usual thing.

These two Anoles were really going at it.

Photos by Mr P.  A bit blurry, but he got the action.

At one point, one threw the other one off.  But, he came back for more.

 Mr. P finally had enough, and broke them up.  After all...they're supposed to kill bugs, 
not each other.

The Hummingbird said 'Thank you'.

'Til later...
Take care...


  1. Ahhh, something I see on my front porch often... they are competing for territory. These are two males who are asserting themselves with the show of their dewlap and raising the crests on their heads and enlarging their body profile and showing their dark eye spot behind their eyes. Since neither one retreated they fought each other for the best territory. I have so many green anoles on my front porch area (and yard) they are dropping from the trees and the porch roof! Tell Mr. P great job getting the action, and that last one is so great!

  2. Great pictures of the fighting Anoles. This kind of things we don't see here, so very interesting to watch these creatures.

  3. Wonderful photos. It is mating season, so while that sort of drama is probably fairly common, I'm sort of relieved Mr. P stepped in to break up the fight. It is one thing to "know" that is going on, quite another to watch it personally! Not very scientific of me I suppose...

  4. That's hilarious - duking it out for territorial insects, I'm sure!

  5. Oh my! I've never seen them actually fight. In our garden, the slowest anoles get caught by our cats. No matter how I try to intervene, they always find a way to catch a few.

    I wish they'd bite my cat's nose just once. That would do it!


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