Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Up and Back...

This is what we were doing last weekend.
Back up to Kansas to watch the grandkids, while our daughter had sinus surgery.

That gave us the opportunity to see our grandson's first soccer game.
He scored FOUR goals!

Back home....Elli's Meadow is shining with verbena.
Her daughter and grandsons mowed a large bit of this, but left a good amount of the wildflowers.
Elli is afraid of snakes coming up.

Last year there was nothing blooming here.  Amazing what rain can do.

Speaking of amazing....the Jerusalem Sage is breaking out in blooms.

I love these funky, Dr. Seuss blooms.  
I think we need more of these around here.

OK....I need to get out there and plants some things we hauled all the way home from Kansas.
Rain is in the forecast,
so I better FOCUS.

Hope you had a good weekend, too.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Congratulations to your grandson on his four goals! Very Impressive! Once again I must tell you how much I love that Jerusalem Sage. Just Stunning!

    1. He made two goals in each game. He was very proud. The other sports grandkids are older, and more 'serious' about their sports . We'd forgotten how fun it is to watch these little guys.

      The Jerusalem Sage is looking really pretty, all over the neighborhood. It' a good year for it.

  2. We can't say no to see the children in the family, especially when we don't have many occasions to see them. And when they win in a game, it's priceless to be there with them to share the proud smiles and the sparkling in the eyes.

    The foliage of the Jerusalem sage seems to be like velvet. Pretty plant. 8)

    1. It is nice to get to see our 'northern' grandkids. They're close enough now to do it.

  3. What a special weekend for you!

    The verbena has been so beautiful this year all around the area. I need to look for the Jerusalem Sage too.

    1. I love the verbena. Sadly, it doesn't show up in the flower beds. I'm going to try to transplant one again. It hasn't worked well in the past.

  4. I scurried around planting, too - but no rain. :(

    1. I was sad we didn't get any rain. Our son in Dripping Springs got a little, but nothing here.
      BUT...was glad we didn't get the storms they did up north. One tornado came close to our old DFW neighborhood, but no damage there.

  5. I have one very large, healthy specimen of Jerusalem Sage. I'm going to try my hand at propagating some cuttings for myself and a friend. Have you ever tried rooting cuttings?

    1. I've never tried rooting any. I think I might do it now, though.
      This plant has really grown fast. Deer don't touch it. And, it has pretty foliage, too. Can't beat that.


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