Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This and That on Tuesday....

Yep...it's that time. 
The brown fuzzies from the Live Oak trees have finished falling (I hope).

So, let the mulching begin.

The past few days have been full...again.
Yesterday, we attended a memorial service, for another one of our neighbors.
Another sweet person, taken from us too early.
She will be missed.

Saturday evening, we went to The Backyard for a concert.

The Backyard is an outdoor venue, in Bee Caves, TX.
It used to be over on Hwy. 71.  But, because of all the retail going in there, 
they moved over to a new area on Hwy 620, not too far from the old place.

There were the three of us....father, mother and son.

We got last minute, general admission tickets, which means sitting on the ground.

As this t-shirt on a young man in front of us shows, 
we were there to see Willie Nelson.

There were two lead-in acts.  Laura Nelson...Willie's daughter.

And, Jamey Johnson.
Both were very good.

It was after dark, when the main attraction came on.

After a fairly slow start, he put on his usual good show.

The years and hard living, are showing on this man's face.

But, he can still play that guitar and put on a show.

We had a good time.

Editorial Comment:
The Backyard has the potential to be a great outdoor music venue.

BUT...the bathroom situation is awful.

Although I don't like cutting down trees, if you have an area where people are trying to see a stage,
 trees left in the line of view, don't help.

It's been a long time since we sat in the 'lawn area' of a concert.
But, I don't remember people being so rude in the past.
We wondered why a large group of young women bought tickets to sit on the ground, show each other pictures on their phones and laugh and talk so loudly it was hard to hear the music.
And, then the not-that-young men yelling obscenities, as they took pictures of each other with their phones.
They all could have done this somewhere there were not people who actually came to hear the concert.

Maybe we're just getting old.  But, whatever happened to common courtesy?

OK...that's my soapbox comment.

Earlier on Saturday, we watched our granddaughter's soccer game.
She scored three goals!
Then, she had a spectacular tumble.

And, yes...after a trip to the doctor on Sunday....the wrist is broken, AGAIN.
Understandably...she is NOT a happy camper.

She's a tough kid, though.  She'll be ok, and back out there again.
And, that brace will be on that arm when playing, from now on.

OK...back to mulching. 
Hope you're having as beautiful a day, as we are here.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Agree on the concert issues, it's been a while since we attended a live concert. Went to hear George Strait and as soon as he appeared on stage the girls behind us started screaming and didn't quit.

    Yikes, another broken wrist. That will not be fun. Good to hear she's tough though.

  2. Awww, sorry to hear about the wrist. Our son broke several bones while playing sports and it is no fun for them; especially during swim season.
    We just mulched too! Love this time of year. The one time when I really love my garden ;)

  3. I had no idea the Backyard was still in business. Haven't been there since we went to see Hal Ketchum. The last outdoor concert we went to was Jimmy Buffett and we left. It was one big party scene . We could neither see nor hear as we were so far away from the stage and people were just partying. This cell phone use is just over the top.
    Two broken wrists! Poor girl. When did soccer get so rough?
    I hope after all the mulchjng you took yourself over into the corner and enjoyed the garden from one of your Adirondack chairs. It looks like a nice shady spot to rest.

  4. I wonder if it is the crowd some musicians attract? Nevertheless, would be great to edit out the phone camera / screamers, and just enjoy Willie after some BBQ, with the live oaks behind the stage!

    Gardening can wait...and music, and good BBQ inspires better gardening, I say!

  5. WOW Linda! I saw Willie live on New Year’s Eve many, many, moons ago. He was great then and it is nice to know he can still put on a show.


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