Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Foliage Follow-Up...May, 2012...

After a day of rain yesterday, today dawned sunny and cool.

Today is Foliage Follow-Up day.  The day we join
Pam at Digging,
to show off our foliage.

Let's start in front.  This is one of two Squid Agaves we have in containers,
at the front entrance.  They're doing quite well.

In the new Driveway Bed, the Mexican Feathergrass is growing fast.

Diamonds of moisture were shining in the early sunlight.
This is becoming one of my go-to plants for around here.
Last summer's awful heat and drought didn't faze the Feathergrasses we already had.
The deer don't touch it.
It's pretty.
What is there not to like?

The Unknown Agave is about to out grow it's protective covering.
I hope when I take this off, the deer will leave it alone.

Over in the Island Bed, two more of my favorites..
Lamb's Ear and Artemisia 'Powis Castle'.

We've had this Sago Palm for years.  It moved down with us from our old garden.
Last year, the hard, long freeze we had really stunted it.  This year, it's looking good.
That makes me smile, because this is the centerpiece of this bed.

Around the side to the Rock Bed.  This is a bed that gets no more than one watering a month, even in last year's hot, VERY dry summer.  You see why these are some of my favorites.
Mexican Feathergrass, Prickly Pear, Rosemary, Autumn Sage...

And, the agave I rescued from Elli's redo.  It's put on new growth.  These are tough plants.
And, that bed really needs some cleaning up and new mulch.

The Agave lophantha in the wheelbarrow is growing.

In the brand new Back Bed, the Candy Lily and Iris are adding interest next to the pot of Prickly Pear.
There are lots of 'Tunas' on the Prickly Pear.  I hope the deer let them ripen.

Up onto the deck, here's one of the three Hawthornia we have in the copper windowbox liner.
You can see why some people call this Zebra Plant.

My aim here was for a vignette of orbs.
Golden Barrel Cactus, Blue Fescue, and a hummingbird feeder that's pretty, but leaks.
So far, so good...

The Wall pocket with Liriope.
Notice the wren's nest.  She worked hard on this, then never came back.
We're leaving it for a while, just in case.

In the Fenced Yard, Liriope is a favorite.

Along with Aztec Grass.  I'd use them all over the whole place.  But, deer eat them, so they have to stay behind a fence.

The Cannas are beginning to take off.  I hope they bloom this year.  The burgundy one didn't bloom at all last summer.  It's supposed to be red.  The Striped leaf one did bloom, and it had some really nice blooms last year.

Purple Heart is a good performer, in sun or shade.

And, I like the Silver Ponyfoot, too.  It's a happy little ground cover that looks really good spilling over the sides of containers.  I'd love to have it out front, too.  But, the time I tried, the deer ate it all, but left the Holly Fern behind.

gratuitous picture of the view

We have a lot more foliage.
Foliage is a favorite around here.
It's always giving interest to the garden, even when there are no blooms.

What kind of foliage to you have?
Go over and join Pam, for more Fabulous Foliage.

Happy Gardening...


  1. I think I'm growing just about all of your plants shown here except sago palm -- tough, deer-resistant choices (most of them) that hold their own all year. Thanks for joining in for Foliage Follow-Up!

    1. I've been inspired by your blog. Learning what works in this area, and what the deer will leave alone, has been an interesting challenge.

  2. A nice collection of deer resistant foliage for our climate, I like the canna with the burgundy stripe very unique and pretty. I didn't have many canna blooms last year either. It's starting out to be a better year here so we should see better blooms this summer.

    1. Trial and error, with the deer resistant things. So far, so good this year.
      I hope the cannas do a lot of blooming.

  3. Some may ask me: Why do you look at garden in the far south when you live in the North so far from there. I'll tell you why: To see so much interesting plants and great new ideas that we don't usually see here, a different way of gardening and original touch like these so amazing fishs with the zebra plant. Refreshing! Thanks for sharing! 8)

    1. Thanks. It's always fun to see what's going on in gardens far away.

  4. That silver ponyfoot container is a stunner. Everything is looking really good.

    The male wren builds as many as 5 nests and the female chooses which she wants for the family home. I'd like to hide and watch that real estate tour! The other nests are abandoned. Two years ago, my neighbor had to clean out her mailbox every day because Mr. Wren was diligent about rebuilding. I guess the pressure to build a selection of choices for the Missus causes bad judgement sometimes in location choice!

    Glad your palm made it.

    1. Thanks for the info on the wrens. I didn't know that. Guess this was a reject. I'll go ahead and take it out.

  5. Linda you have a great collect of foliage. I especially like the Squid Agave and Mexican Feather Grass. Wonderful Photos! The Squid Agave almost looks animated. I love the water droplets on the Mexican Feather Grass. Nicely Done!

    1. Lucy,
      It was a gorgeous morning, yesterday. We have another today, but with no 'diamonds' clinging to the foliage. Thanks for visiting.

  6. LInda, nice foilage. I wish I could grow some of the agaves in Kansas. Hoover Boo told me I could grow one of the blue leaved varities. Will see. Grow those mullien seeds in full sunlight and on top of the ground, they will germ. And don't forgot to cut the seedhead off.

  7. Astounding collection of foliage plants, Linda! My favorite is the squid agave. Your feathergrass with the raindrops looks positively fiber optic! I wonder if your unknown agave is a havardiana; I have a pup I picked up at the fall Wildflower Center plant sale that looks just like it.


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