Friday, May 11, 2012

San Antonio Mission Trail...Part 2...

Here we are at Part 2, of our recent tour of 
the San Antonio missions.

Our second stop was
Mission Nuestra Senora de la Purisima Concepcion de Acuna...
better known as Mission Concepcion.

The missions website, says this is the oldest unrestored church in America.

Unlike Mission San Jose, the walls here have mostly fallen in.

Although there was no restoration going on at the front, they have you enter from the side here, too.

Hmmm....not bats in the belfry.  But, they were busy.

This entry takes you beside this stairway, up to an office.

Don't you love the way the light shows off the Moorish influence of Spanish architecture?

Inside, there are remnants of the frescoes that used to cover both inside and out.

This is a rather primitive solution to reaching the rope for the bell.

The altar is simpler, but no less beautiful than San Jose.

The ceilings reminded me of the Painted Churches, we had visited.

This Baptistery has seen many events.

The front is much less ornate than San Jose.
But, it's beautiful in its simplicity.

The outside was once decorated with bright frescoes.  They've all worn away, leaving this wonderful patina of worn stone.  It's endured for 250 years...amazing.

Masses are still held here.

This day, they were setting up for some kind of Fiesta.

I love the colorful flags, against that beautiful, blue Texas sky.

Over in the Prayer Garden, this aloe was blooming with more color.
Gotta love that, too.

As is typical of us...we missed some of the things that the brochure told us to watch for.
That's what we get for reading them AFTER our self-tour.
We should have gone on the guided tour. time.

There are two more to tell you about.
Stay tuned.

Have a Great Weekend...

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  1. Beautiful, it looks and feels like another place and time even though the modern world is very close by.

    Love the photo of the party setup. Those flags are "papel picado" and are quite common here in San Antonio. I like the paper but they are not weatherproof so many places have gone with the plastic version. They are available in many colors for all types of events.

    Glad you enjoyed your visit to our city.


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