Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloomday...May, 2012...

It's a soggy Bloomday here today.
That's not a complaint.  We've had about 15 inches of rain, this calendar year.
This time last year...we'd had less than 2 inches.
We're loving the rain.
But, it does make it a bit hard for photographs.

We all join Carol, at May Dreams Garden on the 15th of the month,
to show what is blooming in our gardens.

The above is a fountain that froze up, and now leaks badly.
So now...it's a planter.

The little bird that used to spit water, now watches over the plants.

Still, I don't have many things blooming.  There are blooms, just not much variety in plants.
I planted mostly begonias this year.  Last year's impatiens plantings just didn't work out in the drought.  Who knows what this summer will be like.  Begonias need less water.

But, I like begonias.  They're pretty and they're dependable.

Speaking of dependable...so are chrysanthemums.

They brighten up the fall.  But, they also show up in the spring.

This yellow one has been here for a couple of years.  It's been blooming for weeks.
When it's finished, I'll pinch it back to get ready for the big fall bloom.

Thanks to the rain, the back bed is coming along nicely.
Also, thanks to the rain....I couldn't get good pictures of the few blooms there.

The periwinkles are coming along.  I've always liked periwinkles.
But since the deer don't bother them, they have become one of my favorite flowers.

At the other end of this bed, the Lion's Tail is beginning to bloom.
You might notice it's in a cage.  Deer aren't supposed to like it...I'm not taking that chance.

Over in the Veggie Bed, volunteer cosmos....

...and, Zinnias are blooming.  They lure the pollinators in.

Not a bloom, but I like it.

In the fenced yard, I planted basil for color.
The Thai Basil is blooming.  I like that purple, against the bright green.

The strawberry puts on a bloom now and then.  I still love those leaves, though.

I planted a Gomphrena Fireworks yesterday.  That counts, right?

The Hawthornia we got recently are blooming.

It has a delicate, interesting bloom.

The Jerusalem Sage is winding down.

It's 'starry' seed pods are interesting, though.

By far here, the biggest bloomfest is in Elli's Meadow.
Mexican Hats and Thistle are showing off.

There are three different types of the Mexican Hats.

The Thistle is pretty, too.

Then there's this...
Seems somebody had some Nopales for breakfast.
Sigh....it's always a challenge.

One Impatiens basket.

So, what's blooming in your garden?
Hop over to May Dreams Garden, and see some pretty blooms.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Now see I think you have a lot blooming! I like how you integrated the fountain and the bird- both add a lot of character and are very cute! I like the three varieties of the Mexican Hats- happy little flowers. Happy GBBD!

  2. Like Kacky, I am smitten with your Mexican hats. I love how you took the time to notice the differences between the three. My garden is loving this rain too! It's raining right now and I actually had goosebumps when I went out a minute ago to see if I could find the owl. Love, love, love your long shot of the fence and dry creek bed. That fence is awesome! Happy GBBD!

  3. I have one of the maroon/yellow Mexican hats, but I like the other two types much better...I don't really know why...

  4. Looks fabulous! It is amazing when you compare the rainfall this year to last. Just makes you realize how bad last year was. Loving your begonias and chrysanthemums. Would like to hear how your "Lion's Tail" performs. I'm looking to add this plant to my garden. Interesting about the 3 varieties of Mexican hats.

  5. I like how you have repurposed your fountain...excellent! And it is so beautiful! You have so many blooms in your garden in May. My favorite has to be the Mexican Hats. They pepper that bed with bits of color so beautifully.

  6. I have a question. I've been pinching back my mums because they want to bloom. Is it okay to let them bloom now? Because of the warm spring in Indiana, they are early as is everything else. Thank you. Jeanette

    1. Mums bloom here in the spring and then again in the fall. After the spring bloom, I pinch them back until about July. Some say keep pinching until August. That gives more branches for fall blooms.

  7. Thanks to everybody for visiting.

  8. Since I hung wind chimes, the deer no longer visit my garden.


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