Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Down on the River...

slipper socks crocheted by one of our group

Last time we met, I told you it was that time again....time to meet with our group of ladies, for our annual get together.

This time was in the house of one of our member's niece, on the Guadalupe River.

It's a comfortable place, right above the river.

We spent a lot of time here on the screened porch.  We played games and visited.
We caught up with everybody's lives.

The river is just below.  Quite a steep walk.

I went down, though...

...and, got a few pictures of the river here.

While we're together here...does anyone know what this is?

UPDATE:  Several people have said this is St. John's Wort.  Maybe, Hypericum 'Hidcote'.
Thanks for the ID.

It was at the house next door.  A shrub sized plant.  
I think I want one.

One morning, I got up before the rest and took a walk.  
There were lots of these little birds.  I think it's a Black Phoebe.

A park for residents was quite inviting.  I liked this little pavilion.

And, the cute weather vane on top.

None of us went in the river.  And, along here, there weren't any tubers, yet.
Although, up at the 'Horseshoe', not far away, there were plenty of tubers already.

Rivers always seem to have a rope for the swing-out-jump.

Years maybe 35 years...we floated this part of the river.  Our children were small then.

I remember getting a bit nervous when we saw this sign.

I remember the falls being higher.  There have been a few floods since then.  I'm thinking those changed the river a bit.

Today, the river has been diverted to one side.

Because we're still feeling the drought, the river is really low.

Back all those years ago, I don't remember many houses along here.
Now, it's very built up.  A few bad actors have caused trouble for home owners.
Those who have little respect, sometimes ruin things for those who do.

Here's another plant I couldn't identify.  Wild in the meadow of the park.

I brought the group up to Patchwork Garden, for happy hour on the porch.
Mr. P had things all set up for us.

We had a great time together again.

Can't wait 'til next year.

Yep...we get looks with this.  :)

Hope you were having a good time, too.



  1. lovely pictures. that yellow flowering shrub is St. John's wart :)

  2. Oh how fun, Linda. There is nothing that can replace the love and friendship of a great group of women. How nice that you were there on the Guadalupe. We go to the river every now and then. Like you, my heart always quickens at the sign about the falls. I'm definitely the chicken of our family ;) Glad to know the identity of that plant. My girlfriend just planted this...letting her try it out in her garden first to see how it goes!

  3. What a fun time. Looks so inviting down there by the river and the lovely place in which you stayed. Yes the id is correct. St John's Wort. I once tried to grow this plant from seed only to find I had some low growing invasive type which has never yet flowered.

  4. The river looks lovely, even if it is still low. The St. John's Wort looks like Hypericum 'Hidcote'. It makes a lovely, naturally rounded shrub. I found the shade of yellow-gold of the flowers could look muddy when combined with certain other colors. That was my only complaint when I grew it. Very drought tolerant, too.

  5. What a wonderful place for a getaway. The whole place looked like a long cool drink on a hot day. Hope you had fun. I have that St. john's wort in my garden and I love it.


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