Thursday, April 26, 2012

All Gone...

Remember when I told you about all the verbena in Elli's Meadow?

Remember I told you the butterflies were swarming around, loving the display?

Well....Elli's grandsons showed up to mow.  They mowed and they mowed.
Before anyone noticed, the whole meadow was mowed.
The flowers are all gone.

The butterflies are unhappy, we're unhappy, and I think it's safe to say...Elli is unhappy.
But hey.....the boys did a thorough job.

It'll all come back.  Just maybe not this year.

Also all gone, is the water in the creek and this catch pond.
We're now less than half an inch of rain, for this month.
And, the temperatures are heating up.

We're hoping the rain in not all gone!

The mulching is mostly done.  Thank's really warm out there.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Awww. So sad:( Amazing how dry it has gotten in such a short time. SA is already in stage 1 water restrictions. Come on rain!

  2. When my aunt and I took our drive through the hill country, we came upon a pasture full of verbena. I'd never seen anything like it in person. It was breathtaking. I can imagine your dismay at the field being mowed. Thank goodness it's a perennial! Yeah, I hear you about hot and dry...real dry.

  3. Well. What else to say...I would be unhappy too *8(

  4. What a bummer about the verbena. Since it's a perennial, hopefully we'll get some rain and it will grow back. Here's hoping for a wet May.


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