Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yep....We're At It Again....

We've had one tiny bed at the back of the house.  
Well....that wouldn't do.  So, we're making...yet again... another bed.

That will make beds along each side of the house.  To me, a house looks unfinished, if there is an 
'empty side'.  There's a view of this house, from all four sides.
So, we're finishing it off.

Oh...don't think this will be the last bed.  I have a couple more places in mind.

But, they'll have to wait.  It's heating up out there pretty fast.
We'll soon be spending time just keeping things alive.

Something else I'm thinking of changing....this Lamb's Ear.
It's gotten way larger than I planned.  The plan was for something nestled beside those rocks...
something small.  So, I think I'm going to move it.

What should I replace it with?  Or, should there just be nothing there....let the 'Rostrata'  be the Star?

Just another piece in the puzzle. to dig.  
Don't you love playing in the dirt?

Happy Gardening...


  1. More work, look forward to seeing the finished bed.

    You could put something low and flowering like dahlberg daisy by the rostrata or many times I see them solo and that looks good too.

    I totally understand how the work on the beds goes slowly, it is hard work to expand just a few feet with our rocky soil.

  2. At least you are staying out of trouble staying busy!

    I would leave the lambs ear...the yucca needs to have something soften the base, and it is there already. Then again, Shirley's ideas are good, and maybe more of what you have beyond (Salvia greggii?). I often take cues from something I like nearby, to just add some more.

  3. I would love to play in the dirt! LOL

    I like the idea that we should not leave an empty place around the house, but for me it means more than just planting one plant here and there, it means "the jungle" and no grass. This will take some years to accomplish in my case.

    But in your garden, I could see a bunch of three yuccas together at least to make a more dramatic look or a ground cover with annual flowers around ...maybe? That's what's coming to my mind at first sight. Let see what other will suggest. Have a nice day ! 8)

  4. I agree w/Desert Dweller re the contrast of textures. Lambs ear looks good there. Do you like four-nerve daisies? A group of 3 to the right of the yucca would look nice and add yet a third texture and a little color. Water needs (little) are the same for these two plants.

  5. I thought the lambs ear looked good there, so I agree with David and Sandy.

  6. I love lamb's ear, so I'm a little prejudiced, but there are some other plants I like as well. Dragon's blood sedum is a low growing sedum that I just bought. I have some other sedums that do very well here in Texas. They do spread a bit, but they're easy to keep under control. As far as small cactus go, I love the Paryii truncata and Queen Victoria agave.


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