Friday, May 10, 2013

Everything's Soggy!!....


We got some rain.
About one and a quarter inch.
And, more forecast.

After a slow start, Spring has finally shown up here.

And, things are greening up.

We won't have to fill birdbaths, for a day or two.

But, we'll have to clean up washed away mulch.

And, there are still these lovely little dig up.
And, this rain will probably bring out more.

They may have to wait.  It's time for the annual 'Girls' Trip'.
This year, we're headed to the beach.

Not to worry.  They'll be there, when I get back.
Mr P. is in charge of keeping things alive, while I'm gone.

Til later...

Happy Gardening...


  1. I've had enough of the rain here in west Tenn, too. Wish we could save some for August!

  2. Hi Linda....I agree with Beth...we've had more than our share of has been raining all day again and is forecast to rain all night. Have a fun time at the beach! I bet your garden will look a lot different when you return. It seems like once spring arrives, things really change quickly!

  3. Everything looks terrific. I love your new garden blog header! Cute puppy!
    Have fun at the beach. :0) David/

  4. Isn't it lovely to have green instead of brown? We got the same amount you did and I feel like a rich woman.

  5. We love soggy don't we! Your garden does look lush after the recent rains. We finally got nearly 2" but most ran off because it came down so hard. Would prefer an English rain. Have fun at the beach.

  6. You have such a lovely yard...I bet you really enjoy your time spent there...and hurray for the rain!!

  7. Your yard looks lovely - glad spring has finally arrived for you!

  8. Got a little today- you? Happy GBBD!

  9. Your blog is fabulous and gorgeous! I will link it to mine.

  10. Blessed rain! Your gardens are looking so good !


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