Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eating Mistletoe....

We're having a beautiful day here, today.  So, I went outside to practice a bit, with my camera.

There was all this rustling in the big Cedar Elm in back.  I used the zoom on the camera,
as binoculars.

The Cedar Waxwings have arrived.

They were really chowing down on the berries on some mistletoe.

It's always interesting to me, that wildlife can eat things we can't.

Mistletoe berries would make us quite sick...if not worse.

But, these guys seem to not be bothered by them.  In fact, they're quite content.

I've always thought of Waxwings as harbingers of Spring.
They usually came to the Mulberry trees behind our old place in April.
That was further north....about 200 miles further north.

So, what does it mean that they're here in January?

Hope you're having as beautiful day where you are, as we are here.

Happy Gardening...


  1. How beautiful they are! I'll have to keep looking for them. You caught some nice poses on your camera.

    It is interesting how animals can eat those things.

    1. I'm always amazed that animals can eat things that would make us sick. Even our domestic things that are rotten. Guess that's just Nature's way.

  2. I've been keeping an eye out for them, but haven't seen any yet. That is good question...What does it mean that they are here so early? Great pics by the way:)

    1. I'm wondering, with this really warm weather we're having, if we're about to have an early spring.

  3. The cedar waxwing is such a striking bird. I'm amazed they eat mistletoe... learn something new everyday. Thanks.

    1. I love learning new things, and most of those lessons come from Nature.

  4. Wonderful photos. But surely they are far too early!

    1. It does seem early. When we lived in DFW, they came through about April. Guess we'll see if spring is here early.


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