Monday, April 7, 2014

Iris Beauties....

My mother used to grow Iris.
They were the favorite spring flower for me, back then.

Their scent will always remind me of Easter, and my mother.

But, for all the time I've gardened, I never grew Iris.
I don't know why.  They're easy plants.

But, that is changing.
I bought one, when we moved here.  It hasn't done all that well.
But, last year, a couple of my fellow Austin area garden bloggers,
gave me some of their iris.  Bob, (I think) gave me some white
'Cemetery' Iris.  You know..the ones that have stood the test of time.
And, Jenny gave me a peach one.

I thought the latest cold snap had stopped the blooms for this year.
But, I've been surprised.  There are lots of buds, and the blooms are coming.

This is the first bloom.  Isn't she pretty?
One of Bob's Cemetery white ones.

I used it as my Project 365 photo of the day.

Another one in the Back Bed, was beginning it's showing.

We were forecast rain, so I picked the two blooms and brought them inside.
Didn't want them bruised.
They look so pretty, in a small vase.

We didn't get much rain.

These don't seem to have the heavy scent of my mother's iris.
But, I can still get that memory-invoking aroma.

Thanks to my friends, for sharing these beauties.

Now, this fall, I just may need to add to my collection.
Can't have too much of a good thing. ones and yellow ones and.....

'Til later...
Take care...


  1. They are pretty. I was gifted some recently from a friend who rescued a bunch from a garden where the home was being demolished. Need to get them in the ground asap! Your photos are lovely. Wish we had gotten more rain...not much here at all. Did you see the article on drought in the Statesman this morning? Not looking good for us...

  2. I had an early spike on my bearded iris and the freeze took it out. I too thought I wouldn't have any more blooms this year but instead I've got several!

    1. Glad you're getting some more blooms. This has been a strange year.

  3. Linda - that's EXACTLY how I became about irises. "Hot diggety, it bloomed! I need more...many, many more!"

  4. Most of my irises slowly but surely got mulched out with oak leaves to the point they rarely bloomed. I've tried to rescue a few with transplantation but won't know if I was successful for another season or two. Your photos reminded me why I'm trying - thanks for sharing these!

  5. I never appreciated irises until I lived in NM a decade, and only designed well...yet I've only designed one garden with them! Your white cemetary iris is very refreshing-looking; I never noticed any that were fragrant.

    Hope you get some of your spring rain soon.

  6. Beautiful they need special soil here in the hot dry part of the Texas Hill Country?

    1. They seem to do well, even with poor soil and little care. And,...the deer leave them alone...even the bloom.


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