Friday, April 4, 2014


We moved out of March.

March was busy, here.

Beautiful days.
Which rain.

Glad to have plants that can handle some dry.

We enjoyed a visit to the winery, to pick up our 'shipment'.
If you join Driftwood Estate Winery's Spur Club,
you promise to buy a package of wine, every quarter.
Tough job....but, someone has to do it.

Miss Maggie made it to the beauty parlor.
We found a new groomer, and we really like her.
A dog needs to look good, when she's chasing squirrels.

We had a visit from these guys, again.
Another deer down.

We took a break from cleaning up, pruning back, and hauling rocks, dirt, and mulch,
to meet up with some friends, in Mississippi.

And, came home to more work.

Lots and lots of leaves.

The Live Oaks dropped most of their leaves, while we were gone.

So, raking and hauling ensued.
With more to come.

The weatherman says we have a good chance for rain, this weekend.
I sure hope he's right, this time.

So, I'll be donning my Spring fashions,
and getting more work done in the garden.

A garden is never 'done'.

'Til later...
Take Care...


  1. I love the shot with the birdbath. Yes, fall is here and I wish it would get it over with instead of day after day leaves. It's amazing how many yards of leaves we move. Then the catkins come! Rain? Maybe this time.

    1. Seems like we have so many clean up seasons here, from the trees. Love the trees though.
      Didn't get much rain. But, we're grateful for what we did get.

  2. Lovely pics. Glad you found some time to relax in the middle

  3. I still haven't cleaned up all the fall leaves. Raking and weeding are my least favorite gardening activities, so I somehow always find something better to do :)

    1. I agree. Seems I spend all my time...and things up, instead of the fun parts.


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