Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some People Feel the Rain....

Others just get wet.
                                    ~~Bob Dylan

Well folks, we've been doing a little of both.

We had a little slow, steady rain, yesterday.

Then, last night, we had a lot of rain and some wind...and, a lot of noise.

The creek is flowing, for the first time in over a year.

You can hear the roar of the waterfall from the house.

It's hard to get a picture that does it justice.  Lots of wet, slippery rocks.  That big rock you see in the center, is probably six feet across.  It's at the bottom of the falls...about 25 feet down.

I could maybe get a better shot from across the creek.  
But, I'd have to wade through this to get there.
That's just not going to happen.

This pond is where the creek turns.  That wall on the left used to go all the way across.
They had to open it up a few years back.  It was holding the creek back too much, 
and water was getting way up in people's yards.  We weren't here then.  
I think I  might have panicked.

From this point, if I look right, I can see up the creek.

To the left, you see it flowing down to the falls.
It's moving along pretty fast.

It moved fast down the Rio, too.  And, this gunk stopped it up.

Grass clippings from the golf course, dirt....what a mess.

That makes this part of the Rio back up into the driveway.
And, that sometimes lets water get into the garage.

I got to sweep water out, this fun.

But, I won't complain too much.  The wind got high, but no damage.
We've had worse water in the garage.  Not sure what we're going to do to stop that.
To the east a short way, there was real flooding.

So, we were lucky here.
And, having almost three inches of rain, after none for so long, is 

I'm glad I got the weeds out of the veggie garden in time.

Hope you got some lucky rain.

Happy Gardening...


  1. It is beautiful to see the creek flowing. We have water in our creek too. The debris can be a serious problem around here which is one reason we don't have a fence along the creek.

    1. 'Our' creek actually belongs to the golf course. So, no fence along there.
      Our Rio is our attempt at drainage control, through our fenced yard. We can't bring the wire up too high because of our escape artist dog. So, debris hangs there and stops things up.
      The rain came down really hard, though. We have trouble with that every time.
      Not complaining too much, though. We really needed that rain.

  2. That is some serious rain, but you are supposed to be wetter than us! And we had water in our arroyo for hours, before it sunk back inside the sand. Sounds like we are all happy to see this at least temporary change. Do Texans go out in the rain, like we do here?

    1. Texans do dance in the rain. Just not in the middle of the night. That storm came through between 2:00 and 5:00 AM.
      But, let it come through in the daylight, and I'm out there and, with my camera...haha

  3. Beautiful, glorious rain! It is so good to see your creek with water in it. I bet you love the sound of that waterfall after so many months of quiet. Some parts of Austin got upwards of 6-8"...we got about 2.75" - not gonna complain one bit! We know when this drought breaks it will be a gully washer...always is.

    1. You're's feast or famine for rain, in Texas. Our famine has been a bit long this time, though.
      Glad you got rain, and no wind damage or flood.

  4. Wow, your dry creek became a river. We received a little over 4 inches here and could get some more tonight. Happy Rainy Day to you!

    1. We love it when the creek is running. It's down quite a bit this morning, and will stop again, if we don't get more rain.
      Looked like on the morning news, you did get a bit more rain.
      Happy Rain Day, indeed.


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