Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting Back to Normal...

Or, at least what counts as 'Normal' here.

I finally got the house DE-Christmased.

Have I told you I collect Santas?
I have quite a few.

You have how many?!?

Well, I'm not sure.  I didn't take time to count.
This isn't even all of them.

But, what I wanted to show you, is this one.
He's one of my favorites.  Santa taking a time out to watch the birds.

Isn't he cute?

He's all set, with his boots, binoculars and a book to look up the names of birds he spys.

He's so busy watching for birds, he misses those on the chair.

This little guy is taking advantage of that.

Or, is it just that he lets them join him in his comfy chair?

Looks like a fun break. 

They're all wrapped up in their tissue and bubble wrap, and stacked to ceiling in the cubby in the garage.
Wonder how many I missed this year.  There are always some..... 

OK...back to getting back to normal.  There's always something else to do.

Have a great day...


  1. When you say you collect Santas, you're not kidding. Love the bright red cardinal on the back of the chair behind Bird Watching Santa. The one on my bird feeder stares at me the same way ;)

  2. It took us all day to un-decorate for Christmas. The house looks so plain now without all the decorations and tree.

    Love your bird watching Santa. He is too cute:)

  3. Ally~~The birds on the back of the chair are cute.
    We still don't have feeders back up. Every time we hang them, the raccoons tear them down. They've destroyed a couple. Have to figure out a way to stop them.
    Wren~~It takes days to put up the decorations here...and, days to take them down.
    I agree...it's plain and dark, with all the lights gone.


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