Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, Monday....

It's been really busy around here, for the last couple months.
As you can see, I've sort of let the veggie garden go.

The weeds have taken over.

The Sugar Snap Peas are blooming.  Hard to see with the weeds.
I can't remember the name of this weed.  I guess it doesn't matter.

You can guess what I'm doing on this Monday, Monday...

Yesterday, these two came walking down the street.  By the time a grabbed my camera,
 they were a couple houses away.

After a long internet search, I determined they're Egyptian Geese.
They're not native Texans.  But, seems Egyptian Geese were imported to be 
decorative birds, and some decided they'd just take off on their own.  
I read that they like to hang out on park ponds and golf course water hazards.  
Mr. P. first saw them on the pond by the clubhouse.

Don't you love those pretty pink leggings, and those burnt orange tails.
Quite the dressers...

Off to get rid of some weeds.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Some might call those kind of geese "dandy's" because of their colorful plumage. It is great you got a photo of them prancing through your neighborhood!

    1. Those geese are quite pretty. Fun to see them just waddling down the street.

  2. The weed with the purple flowers is henbit. It's a trouble maker in my garden too, but the bane of my existence is cleavers (galium aparine). Someone told me today, it was used in medieval times to stuff mattresses. I checked and sure enough, it's true.

    1. Thanks for the name of the weed. I thought that was what it was, but couldn't remember.
      I've heard cleavers referred to as 'velcro plant'. It is pretty annoying. We have quite a bit of it here, too.

  3. Hi there...just stumbled upon your blog and am so jealous! I live in Utah and we're usually covered in snow until late April to Mid May...I won't even be able to be annoyed by weeds for another 3 to 4 months! I love to garden so much! I hope that being a follower of your blog will give me little 'fixes' until I can go play in the dirt again.

    1. Hi Laura...Utah is such a beautiful state.
      I used to think living with snow all winter would be fun. Now, I'm older and think not having snow is more fun. We can go visit snow, if we want to.
      I hope we have some green and blooms to give you those garden 'fixes' you need.

  4. I love the geese!!! How neat! I have never seen those! Love the pink legs! Your veggie garden looks way better than mine THOUGH I will say my cabbage are starting to come into their own. The Parsley has done alright as well. Glad you got your bed weeded. Thanks for the compliment on the photos- easy subjects make for easy photos. =0)

    1. I had never seen this kind of goose, either. They're really pretty.
      I'm always impressed with butterfly photos. I can't ever seem to get a good one. They're much faster than I am.
      We got lots of rain and wind here, last night. Hope all is ok at the nursery.


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