Thursday, January 12, 2012

Taking a Walk....

Yesterday, I showed you the beautiful moon peeking through the trees, on a cold, crisp morning.

The day ended in the 70s.  So, we decided a nice walk was in order.
Come along....

A little off the regular path, I went to see how the Small Pond was looking.
This pond was completely dry, all last summer.  But, look!  Water!
The small bit of rain we've had over the last couple months has paid off.

Ducks were enjoying the water.
I have several bird books.  But, I couldn't find this guy in any of them.

Down the road a bit, you get a pretty good view of Old Baldy.
Now, I'm not sure how this hill with trees can be Old Baldy...but, that's what they tell me it is.
It's also called Prayer Mountain.  It's owned by a religious group.  They've put in a stairway to the top.  
We haven't done that, yet.  The view must be wonderful from there.

Along the road, we can get a better view of the sunset, than in our tree covered yard.
It was quite a nice one, even without many clouds.

Back home, and we're greeted by one of our ever present visitors.
Look at how green we are.  Funny...this was brown and dry all summer.
Now, winter and a little rain has brought out the grasses.

We had a cold front slam in overnight.  
Today is blustery and cold....25-30 degrees colder than yesterday.
Don't you just love good old Texas weather?
Good thing we took that walk yesterday.

Have a Great Day...


  1. Pretty sure your duck is a Gadwall. Been to the top of Old Baldy a few times (a coupla decades back, there was less foliage at the top) - its possible to find some fossils if you venture off the stairway.

  2. I need to take walks instead of gut-busting hikes more! Nice what you found exploring.

  3. Old Baldy is a nice climb, and with a great view of the valley at the summit. My teenagers used to go up there to watch the sunset. At least that's what they told me they were doing . . .


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