Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Busy Days....

It's been busy around here.  We've been finishing up some redo's inside.
It's been three years.  Think maybe it was time?
So, the outside has had to wait.

I did get out yesterday, and survey some of the things that need doing.

Hmmm....I need to get those stepping stones to the faucet set down.

But, the front beds are looking good.

I'm very glad we got these done before too much more heat sets in.

Some of the Autumn Sage, in the Island Bed, are beginning to bloom.  This was supposed to be red.
It'll clash with the 'Hot Lips'....but, hey...more color.

We're just very pleased, with how much better it looks out front.

In the back, the Jerusalem Sage is starting to bloom.  Love those yellow flowers.

Next to it, is a red Autumn Sage.  It's beginning it's bloom.
I'm thinking I'll be moving this.  It's getting swallowed up by the Jerusalem Sage.
I have another bed in the plans.
No, it never ends.....

My camera does not like to take pictures of red flowers...ugh
This Autumn Sage has been blooming for a while.  I need to cut it back....but, it looks so nice.

We did get a new bed put in here.  This is where the wood pile was. I never liked it.
So, we moved the wood to a place beside the Veggie Garden, and put this in.
I moved some Twist Leaf Yucca from the Deer Grove.  And, moved a Salvia guaranitica from another area.  And, the pot of Dusty Miller came from somewhere else, too.
I think it'll work.

This Spiderwort I moved from outside the fence, is finally putting on some blooms.
It was eaten to the ground every year...so, this will be a better spot.  
If it spreads, that's ok, too.

The Plumbago that wintered in this pot, is looking good.  Those Snap Dragons in the pot in back, have not bloomed.  They had blooms when I brought them home.  But, no more since those died back.
Not sure why that is.  

I got some Begonias into containers, and baskets.  They should do better than Impatiens, if it gets really dry again this year.
They need less water.

I never tire of this bright green lettuce, in the Talavera pot.
But, it's about to be too hot for it.  So, I'll have to come up with something else for summer.

Over on the other side of the house, the Rock Bed needs some weeding.
This rosemary is looking really good this year....it's third year.

This Prickly Pear, that I moved from the Deer Grove year before last, seems to like where it is.
I thought when those little green things started to swell, that they were bloom buds.
Looks like they're new pads.

In the Veggie Garden, the Cilantro is blooming.  At first I thought those black things were seeds.
But, look close...they're bugs.  Not sure what kind...they're tiny.

The Brussels Sprouts plants look great.  No sprouts, though.

One of the two grape vines we got on the last year's  Wine & Wildflower Trail, is looking good.
The other one didn't make it.

The Swiss Chard has been doing a good job.

The sugar snap peas have been making a lot.  We've been enjoying these.

This looks like powdery mildew.  Not sure.
But, it's almost time for these to come out anyway.

This is what I'm doing today.  Getting weeds out AGAIN.
Then, I'll plant the tomatoes that have been going in and out, depending on the cold.
Hopefully, there are no more cold nights ahead.

When you garden, there is always something to do.
What are you up to today?

Happy Gardening...


  1. Looking good! Your Island bed looks nice. Love the pot with the Lettuce. What a great combo:)

    1. Poor lettuce has had it. This heat has finished it off. Time for some summer plants in there.
      But, this fall...I'll be putting more lettuce in that pot. It looked good all winter.

  2. This is really interesting, especially the plants you can grow down there in Texas. Here in the North, we have some pretty plants too but in the south, you have so many interesting plants! Really nice garden you have! I enjoy all that I see here. 8)

  3. Very nice spring growth, and the recent front beds are so healthy. Soon here, I say...

    1. The rain we had helped a lot. Rain has been slowing here, though. I hope it doesn't stop, like last year. All this green is already looking a bit droopy.

  4. Your garden is looking great! There is always something to do that's for sure. I can barely keep up with taking photos of what's blooming. This time of year is so nice, it just gives me that spring high! All the oaks are letting go of their leaves and pollen near the patio so cleaning up the mess will take the next two weeks. I dread it every year but am always thankful come the dog days of summer for those oaks.

    1. I know what you mean about the clean up. Seems we have 'leaf season' all year round. And, don't you just love those brown fuzzies?...ugh But, I wouldn't trade one single tree.

  5. Your garden looks lovely--I just love the wire fence with the cedar. You're right, though, there's always something to do in a garden.

    1. Gardening is the real 'Never Ending Story'. I keep making more beds. That may be biting off more than I can chew, at this time in my life. But, it's hard to leave an empty space. :)


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